Daily Brief: L.A. Synagogue Shooter Charged with Hate Crimes; Another Storm Coming To SoCal

Also, Chinatown’s Hop Woo fears one gas bill will shut it down as outrageous energy costs threaten businesses and residents throughout the state


» California Storm: More Rain, Snow On The Way Another significant storm will hit the Southern California region later this week, bringing rain, snow, and colder temperatures. “Light rain could return to the area as early as Wednesday, with heavier rain by the weekend,” according to the National Weather Service. [Fox]

» California’s Budget Deficit Blows Up California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget last month projected a $22.5 billion deficit, but the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) warned last week that the state’s budget hole may be a lot bigger owing to plunging revenue. California’s monthly tax revenue in January was about $14 billion lower than during the same month last year. Tax revenue in the current fiscal year that started last July is running about $23 billion lower than in the previous year. [WSJ]

» CNN Will Use Don Lemon Substitute on Monday Amid Controversy Don Lemon will be absent from “CNN This Morning” for a second consecutive broadcast as CNN continues to grapple with backlash to comments he made last week about the abilities of women over 40. Sara Sidner, an anchor who has been getting more screen time over the past year, is expected to fill in for Lemon, sitting alongside co-anchor Poppy Harlow. [Variety]

» Substation Fire: Power to Alameda Restored; Oakland Outage Affects Thousands A massive power outage darkened homes and businesses across a wide swath of Oakland on Sunday afternoon. At 1 p.m., firefighters were called to a PG&E substation after crews noticed gray and brown smoke coming from inside the yard. The fire caused major power outages, disrupting traffic and cutting power to The Oakland International Airport, which serves about 170 flights a day, for nearly two hours. Over 50,000 customers in Oakland and Alameda were affected at the height of the outage. [CBS]

» Actor Tom Sizemore In Critical Condition After Aneurysm Sizemore, 61, collapsed and was found unconscious around 2 a.m. Saturday after suffering a brain aneurysm in his home in L.A. The actor has starred in blockbusters including Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers, Heat and Blackhawk Down. [KTLA]



» L.A. City Council Members Want to Protect Renters With Right to An Eviction Attorney Approximately 86% of tenants who show up to court with a lawyer remain housed, according to the proposed measure



The Kawaller Report: Cirque du Soleil Edition

The renowned circus and acrobatics spectacle Cirque du Soleil will premiere a new show, Corteo, in Los Angeles in March. An Italian word meaning “funeral procession,” Corteo looks back on a life of a fictional clown who spent his days jumping on mattresses and scaling lighting fixtures.

Cirque reached out directly to roving LAMag reporter and physical simpleton Ben Kawaller with an offer for juggling lessons…and a glimpse at the upcoming extravaganza.


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