Daily Brief: Supreme Court Sides With California Employers, Dr. Fauci Catches COVID

Also, the Buffalo gunman has been charged with federal hate crimes and may face the death penalty

» Supreme Court Limits California Labor Law That Allows Private Suits Against Employers California employers may queue their celebrations, as the Supreme Court on Wednesday limited a labor law that has allowed private lawsuits on behalf of groups of workers. [Los Angeles Times]

» Dr. Anthony Fauci Tests Positive for COVID Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, has tested positive for COVID. It is reported that he was not in recent close contact with President Joe Biden, and is currently isolated.  [ABC7]

» Buffalo Supermarket Gunman Charged with Federal Hate Crimes The white gunman who killed ten in an act of racist violence at a Buffalo supermarket was charged Wednesday with federal hate crimes, which could potentially result in the death penalty.  [AP News]

» Disney Delays Moving Thousands Of Jobs To Florida Until 2026 About a year after Disney announced that it would be moving most Southern California-based jobs to Florida, the company halted its plans. [Deadline]

» Britney Spears Granted a Restraining Order Against Ex Jason Alexander After He Broke into Her Home This week proved to be quite the big one for Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend, Jason Alexander, as he appeared in court for breaking into Spears’ house on her wedding day. Spears has been granted a restraining order against Alexander. [CNN]



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The Move: Ceci’s Gastronomia

“The move” is a turn of phrase I use quite often. “What’s the move at Tsbuaki?” I would ask a fellow writer who has been there, or I might text “Get the eggplant parm. That’s the move,” to a friend going to Ggiata. The move is what you should order if you’re going to a restaurant for the first time. It’s a confident and can’t fail recommendation, but also an assessment of the best a restaurant has to offer. It can be a standout dish, a list of appetizers, or a specific ordering combination (the sandwich, a blood orange soda and a bag of Tim’s at Roma Market, for example), but the move often stretches past the food. It encompasses the situation, the hours of operation, whether that place does lunch or dinner better, or sometimes it can pertain to exactly who is working in the kitchen on a given night. The move is a specific set of instructions, a shared reconnaissance, and a kind of shorthand I give friends to have the best experience possible. Usually, divulging the move comes in the form of a text message, of which I send many. Maybe that’s what this column is—a protracted text message to a dear friend (you, the reader).

So this is a series called The Move. First up is Ceci’s Gastronomia, a cozy and picturesque Italian spot in Silverlake, of which I am a regular.


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