Daily Brief: L.A. Mourns Bakery Matriarch Rosa Porto

Also a dust-up at Hallmark Channel, the end of Lowrider magazine, and good gas news

» Rosa Porto, the founder of Porto’s Bakery, has died. The matriarch of the beloved bakery family was 89.  [KTLA]

» Forever 21 has announced the closure of 12 local stores. Once a fast-fashion powerhouse, the L.A.-based brand continues to struggled through bankruptcy proceedings.   [ABC Los Angeles]

» Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom, a Venice Boardwalk staple for decades, will close today. Following goodbye celebrations over the weekend. [Los Angeles Times]

» Hallmark Channel caved to conservative pressure, removing an ad featuring a same-sex couple. After airing an ad from wedding registry company Zola showing a lesbian couple, a group calling itself One Million Moms (Twitter follower count: 4,140) threatened to boycott the channel. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Gas prices across the region continue to drop. The downward trend has now stretched over 40 consecutive days. [NBC Los Angeles]

» Lowrider magazine will cease publication. The iconic mag chronicled West Coast car culture for 42 years.   [L.A. Taco]


» Los Angeles Will Soon Scrap Late Fees for Overdue Library Books It’s part of an effort to make libraries more accessible for all Angelenos

» Fashion Designer James Perse Has Built an Empire Selling the California Dream The self-professed “aesthetic junkie” has branched out to real estate, dining, hospitality, and more

» Big Changes to YouTube’s Rules Have Creators Claiming #YouTubeIsOver As the platform cracks down on bullying and advertising to kids, some content creators are worried their cash cow will dry up


bombshell fox news

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How Does Bombshell Compare with the Real-Life Fox News Scandal?

This summer, Showtime aired the seven-part miniseries The Loudest Voice, the loathsome tale of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes’s rise to power—and how anchor Gretchen Carlson brought him down when she sued him for sexual harassment in 2016. This month you can see the story all over again in Lionsgate’s big-screen, Oscar-coveting Bombshell. How do the two productions compare with each other—and with the real-life scandal? Have a look.


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