Daily Brief: Record-high Hate Crimes In L.A.; Newsom Vetoes Safe Injection Site Law

Also, from vast fields of solar panels to farms of wind turbines, large-scale renewable energy projects are becoming a more common sight along two-lane Western highways.


» The Future of California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant At the recent American Nuclear Society’s convention in Anaheim, a gaggle of industry professionals discussed the fate of the Golden State’s last lingering source of nuclear power— the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. While many nuclear power advocates had lost hope after it was announced that the plant would be shut down by 2025, Gov. Gavin Newsom might just be the white knight they’ve been praying for. [NY Times]

» Poll: Who Is Brian Dahle? Newsom’s Got The Reelection On Lock Brian Dahle, the little-known and underfunded GOP challenger to the California governor’s race’s incumbent, Gavin Newsom, is polling poorly— very poorly. According to the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, Newsom is up 27 points among registered voters, with 52% supporting his candidacy compared to 25% favoring Dahle. “Newsom is in a strong position for reelection, with Republicans facing an uphill climb given the huge partisan advantage,” said the institute’s co-director, Eric Schickler. [Mercury]

» This Power Line Could Save California — And Forever Change The West  There are some new crops growing in the open planes of the rural American West. From vast fields of solar panels to farms of wind turbines, large-scale renewable energy projects are becoming a more common sight along two-lane Western highways. And Californians want some of the new, more sustainable juice. That’s why developers have hatched a plan to build a 732-mile power line across Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Nevada, to transport electricity to the Golden State. [LA Times

» L.A. City Attorney Not a Target of DWP Corruption Investigation Federal prosecutors have notified Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s lawyer that his client is not under investigation in an ongoing criminal case stemming from the mishandling of lawsuits tied to the Department of Water and Power’s faulty billing system. Feuer has repeatedly denied that he had any role in the events, which have led to the prosecutions of a number of DWP executives. [NBCLA]

» Restaurants Are Jumping Ship From Uber Founder’s Ghost Kitchen CloudKitchens touts itself as a unique opportunity for independent restaurant owners, transforming warehouse spaces into kitchens, which only offer delivery and pick-up, but at a much lower cost than a traditional restaurant space with a dining room. However, many of these kitchens lack basic sanitary facilities like bathrooms and working sinks. They’re also plagued with technical glitches, making it difficult for potential customers to place orders. [Eater

» Californians Are The Least-generous Tippers In The Nation A new study has found that Californian diners are, in fact, the stingiest in the country. Nationally, an average of 19.7 percent of diners tip, compared to a fairly dismal 17.5 percent of California diners. Despite our… frugality, tips are up nearly 10% nationwide compared to last year. [KTLA]




Brendan Fraser in “The Whale” (Courtesy A24)


The Brenaissance is Headed to Oscar Season—With a Catch

We will not be denied the Brenassaince after all.

The Mummy star Brendan Fraser, who was set to play a villain in the recently-axed Batgirl, will receive a major honor at the Toronto International Film Festival. The TIFF Tribute Award for Performance is set to be given to Fraser for his role in Darren Aronofsky’s new film The Whale, based on a play about a 600-pound man trying to repair his fraught relationship with his daughter (played in the film by Sadie Sink of Stranger Things).

The TIFF award is known as something of an awards-season predictor, EW notes: “A relatively new—yet no less influential—award on the awards season trail, TIFF Tribute prizes have gone to significant Oscar contenders in recent years.


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