Daily Brief: Recall Gasc贸n Hearing Moved Up; Leslie Jordan On Fame and Death

Also, former Nickelodeon actor Alexa Nikolas has launched a movement to end the culture of sexual abuse in the music and entertainment world


禄 Curren Price Elected L.A. City Council鈥檚 New President Pro Tempore聽After an 11-0 vote on Tuesday, Councilman Curren Price was appointed as the next president聽pro tempore聽of the Los Angeles City Council; the role is second in command to the council president. Price sought the City Council presidency after Nury Martinez鈥檚 resignation two weeks ago, but councilmembers voted 10-0 in favor of Paul Krekorian last week. Krekorian and Councilman Mitch O鈥橣arrell, the former president聽pro tempore, subsequently introduced a motion nominating Price for the position.聽[NBC]

禄 California Sees Increase In RSV, A Respiratory Illness That Can Be Dangerous For Babies Some California children鈥檚 hospitals are straining under a surge of RSV, a respiratory illness that can cause babies to struggle to breathe. At least three major children鈥檚 hospitals say they have experienced either a strain or a stretching of resources because of RSV. The illness normally peaks in winter; doctors say it鈥檚 unusual for there to be such high levels in October. The increase in RSV, which stands for respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, comes amid a rise in other respiratory illnesses in California, including influenza.聽[LA Times]

禄 Holocaust Museum Faces Threats After Inviting Kanye West For Private Tour聽The Holocaust Museum of Los Angeles said it has been inundated with messages 鈥渇illed with hate, threats, and vitriol鈥 after inviting Kanye West for a private tour, which he declined. 鈥淲ords matter and words have consequences Ye. We urge you to come visit us at Holocaust Museum L.A. to understand just how words can incite horrific violence and genocide,鈥 read the museum鈥檚 invitation.聽[Fox11]

禄 Scott Peterson Is Finally Moved Off California鈥檚 Death Row聽More than two years after the California Supreme Court overturned Peterson鈥檚 death sentence for killing his pregnant wife two decades ago, he was moved last week from San Quentin State Prison to Mule Creek State Prison east of Sacramento. Peterson鈥檚 sentence was overturned by California鈥檚 high court in August 2020 after finding that potential jurors were improperly dismissed for saying that they personally disagreed with the death penalty but would be willing to follow the law and impose it. [AP]

禄 T谩r Leads Gotham Awards Nominations聽Todd Field鈥檚聽T谩r聽nabbed five nominations for Best Feature, Best Screenplay, Outstanding Lead Performance for Cate Blanchett and Outstanding Supporting Performances for Nina Hoss and Noemi Merlant. The nominations, announced Tuesday, also favored A24鈥檚聽Everything Everywhere All At Once,聽Aftersun聽and聽The Inspection,聽with each film receiving three nominations a piece. [Deadline]



禄 Accuser Describes 鈥楧isgusting鈥 Humiliating鈥 Weinstein Attack in L.A. Rape Trial聽鈥淗e鈥檚 not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. He鈥檚 not hot,鈥 Weinstein鈥檚 lawyers made sure to point out, on the record, to jurors
禄 7 Halloween Cocktails Dripping with the Dark History of L.A.聽These party-perfect cocktails each have a morbid theme tied to a famous Los Angeles locale



Quentin Tarantino鈥檚 Sustained Coolness (And Why It Matters)

In the last decade of his life, Peter Bogdanovich lived, like his friend and mentor Orson Welles before him, low on money, from guest house to guest house. Staying at Quentin Tarantino鈥檚 around the time Tarantino was writing Inglourious Basterds, Bogdanovich would be made to watch, he said, 鈥渢he shit Quentin loves鈥濃攁nd, smiling, added that he did mean 鈥渟hit鈥 in two senses. He shrugged, chuckling wearily, like an old man out of Renoir. 鈥淎h, Quentin . . .鈥

If we were in a musical鈥攁nd Peter, a little bit, always was鈥攈e would have looked to the sunset over the valley side of Mulholland and sung a sweet, sad song about watching the world change and letting go.

Quentin Tarantino has a new book coming this month, Cinema Speculation, a nonfiction work about the movies of the 70s. I haven鈥檛 read it. (As I write this, it is still under embargo.) But I have to read it鈥攚e all do. Whether you like his work or not, or, frankly, whether you like film or not, Tarantino鈥檚 taste and sensibility鈥攎ore than any filmmaker or even critic of his generation鈥攈as urged the ear, eye, and mind of the American moviegoer. Since Pulp Fiction introduced VHS cinema into the popular canon almost 20 years ago鈥攔efashioning 鈥渓ow鈥 schlock-film conventions into high-production tropes鈥斺渢he shit Quentin loves,鈥 his supersounds of the 鈥70s, his kung fu and exploitation movies, those black suits with the black skinny ties, his badass motherfuckers, have informed our idea of cool to such a degree that, I think, it鈥檚 safe to say, if we don鈥檛 understand it, we can鈥檛 claim to understand a part of ourselves that, given Tarantino鈥檚 two decades of sustained coolness, obviously still matters to us.


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