Daily Brief: The End of the ‘Paramount Decrees,’ Biden’s Cannabis Blunder, and More

Also a landlord loophole, Jeopardy! champs go head to head, and more potential PG&E outages

» The DoJ moved on Monday to end a series of consent decrees known as the “Paramount decrees” which have governed distribution and exhibition of movies since around 1948. They’re being set aside now in recognition that the way we watch movies has changed as we’ve gone from the single-screen cinema to the era of streaming.  [Los Angeles Times]

» With red-flag conditions in the forecast for Wednesday, PG&E customers in California are bracing for another round of outages. [KTLA]

» Joe Biden told a town-hall that he would not support federal legalization of marijuana. He expressed a fear that marijuana could be a “gateway drug,” though that theory has little scientific support.  [Business Insider]

» Municipalities are responding as landlords across the region appear to be taking advantage of a “loophole” to evict tenants before a new state law goes into effect on January 1.  [LAist]

» The three biggest Jeopardy! winners of all time will go head-to-head for an ultimate tournament of champions.  [Entertainment Weekly]

» As her campaign seems to flounder, California Democrats are expressing concern that it might be time for Kamala Harris to leave the race. Once seen as a top contender, as the field expanded, she’s struggled to get her poll numbers out of the single digits. [Politico]

» “Your throat hurts. Your brain hurts.” As audio content booms, a look inside the world of voice actors tasked with narrating all those audio books. [Guardian]


» Why Did Biden and Warren Ditch the California Dems’ Big Event? There were two notable absences at the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach

» This L.A. Restaurant Pipes in Faux-Food Scents to Get You to Order More Specialized scents, ”obscure” music, and other tricks designed to separate you from your cash

» Nicolas Cage to Play Nicolas Cage in What Will Either Be the Greatest Film Ever Made or a Spectacular Disaster It’s actually called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


kanye west opera hollywood bowl

Photos of Kanye West: Getty Images; Opera art by Nick Knight

Kanye West Is Staging an Opera at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday

Titled Nebuchadnezzar, Kanye West’s first opera will premiere at the Hollywood Bowl on November 24–just seven days after its existence was announced.

Little is known about the production, other than that it will be directed by his frequent collaborator Vanessa Beecroft, and feature music from the Sunday Service choir, Peter Collins, and Infinity’s Song. The title could indicate it will be a retelling of the story of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar–a real person who lived from around 605 B.C. to 562 B.C., who appears in portions of the Bible–or it could be something else entirely.

Verdi tried his hand at an opera about Nebuchadnezzar in 1841. Nabucco told the story of a complicated, powerful man, consumed by politics, descending into nervous breakdown. 


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