Daily Brief: Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen’s $1 Billion Art Collection At Auction; Chris Rock Turns Down Oscars

Also, lawyers for Elon Musk and Twitter are warring over how one whistleblower’s revelations could affect the $44 billion takeover deal.


» Ocean Water Warning Issued For Popular LA County Beaches According to recent testing, bacteria levels near some L.A. beaches have exceeded health standards. Public health officials are recommending that beach-goers use caution and avoid swimming, surfing, and playing in ocean waters at the following beaches: Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey, Inner Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, Topanga Canyon Beach in Malibu. [CBSLA

» Orange County Inmate Miscarried While Deputies Stopped At Starbucks A former Orange County inmate, Sandra Quinones, has been awarded a $480k settlement after she lost her baby while in custody in 2016. Quinones waited two hours in her cell after she’d informed deputies that her water had broken. She was finally driven to Anaheim Global Medical Center, but not before the deputies stopped to get coffee on the way. Quinones miscarried by the time they arrived at the hospital. [AP

» UCLA Professors Allegedly Charged Certain Students Extra Fees Spots in UCLA’s prestigious orthodontics program are not easy to come by, and they certainly aren’t cheap either— tuition for limited international slots is nearly six figures. On top of this, three dentistry professors attempted to scheme postgrad international students out of even more money by claiming that falsified additional payments were required. According to a report by UCLA, the professors targeted Middle Eastern students. [LA Times]

» Abortion Misinformation Surges In Latino Communities Latinos are facing an onslaught of Spanish-language misinformation about abortion in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. The misinformation campaigns run by anti-abortion advocates often claim that abortion is now illegal across the U.S. and that it can lead to infertility and breast cancer. Others implicate fears that illegal abortion could affect immigration status. [Axios]

» San Francisco’s Art Market Struggles in the Shadow of Los Angeles Once recognized as an international art destination, the once confident posture of San Francisco’s art scene is beginning to slouch as more artists and curators are migrating down the California coast to L.A. San Francisco has recently lost both the Gagosian and Pace galleries. And in July, the San Francisco Art Institute, which has produced a great many distinguished artists, shut its doors after 150 years. [NY Times

» Los Angeles Restroom Among ‘America’s Best’ In its 21st year, the America’s Best Restroom contest has named a North Hollywood Recreation Center toilet among its top 10 finalists. So if you’re ever in need of a high-quality bathroom break, you may want to check out the can at 11430 Chandler Blvd. Cintas, a restroom supplies company that runs the competition, is currently accepting votes for 2022’s number one porcelain palace. [Nextstar]





LAS VEGAS – Photographers crowd around two porn actresses as they pose during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

“End Teen Porn” Campaign Calls For Raising Age of Performers

A group of former pornography film performers is joining forces with Exodus City in an “End Teen Porn” campaign calling on producers, directors, and agents to stop recruiting teens into the porn industry.

The “End Teen Porn” members are introducing a letter urging those in the porn industry to raise the minimum age to perform in porn from 18 to 21. The letter details the mistreatment of performers by agents, producers, and directors to appear as underage children and made to enact sadistic pedophile fantasies.

It also brings attention to performers being rushed into signing consent forms and being coerced into high-pressure situations to do sex acts that are humiliating and degrading.


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