Daily Brief: McKinney Fire Is The Biggest Of The Year

Also, if you were planning on taking insta selfies with the world’s largest tree, be ready for a $5,000 fine.


» US Kills al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri In Drone Strike In Afghanistan Zawahiri, who just turned 71 years old, had remained a visible international symbol of the group, 11 years after the US killed Osama bin Laden. At one point, he acted as bin Laden’s personal physician. [CNN]

» What Remote Work Debate? They’ve Been Back At The Office For A While Cubicles are largely empty in downtown San Francisco and Midtown Manhattan, but workers in America’s midsize and small cities are back to their commutes. [NY Times]

» More people are catching coronavirus a second time, heightening long COVID risk, experts say Emerging evidence suggests that catching the coronavirus a second time can heighten long-term health risks, a worrisome development as the circulation of increasingly contagious Omicron subvariants leads to greater numbers of Californians being reinfected. [LA Times]

» Whoopi Goldberg Remembers Nichelle Nichols as “First Black Person I’d Ever Seen Who Made it to the Future” The ‘Star Trek’ alum spoke about her friend and fellow franchise star, who died Saturday night, on Monday’s ‘The View.’ [THR

» Flash Floods Close Roads Into Death Valley National Park The San Some roads in and out of Death Valley National Park have been closed after they were inundated over the weekend with mud and debris from flash floods that also hit western Nevada and northern Arizona hard. [AP]



» California’s Housing Shortage is Not for Lack of Money



Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Chase Sui Wonders and Rachel Sennott in Bodies Bodies Bodies/A24

Review: In “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” the Scares Just Aren’t There

Distributor A24’s new “slasher movie” Bodies Bodies Bodies comes up short, short, short in the scare department, which is a problem for a horror-comedy—even one that prioritizes humor over horror.

Directed by Dutch actor Halina Reijn (Instinct), the single-location film begins with Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) taking her new girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to a house party at a remote mansion just as a hurricane is about to strike.

The newly sober Sophie hasn’t spoken to her wealthy friends in quite a while, thanks to a stint in rehab, and her arrival is something of a surprise to host David (Pete Davidson) and his guests Alice (Rachel Sennott), Emma (Chase Sui Wonders), Jordan (Myha’la Herrold), and Greg (Lee Pace).


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