Daily Brief: Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Wins The Summer

Also, Dr. Sehaj Grewal, who is also known as The Melrose Vet, has decided to lend his time and resources to help homeless animals.


» Former President Donald Trump Invokes Fifth Amendment Rights And Declines To Answer Questions From NY Attorney General Former President Donald Trump refused to answer questions at a deposition Wednesday, part of a three-year-plus civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization misled lenders, insurers, and tax authorities by providing them misleading financial statements. The former president repeatedly referenced his Fifth Amendment rights, replying “same answer” to the attorney general’s questions. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Trump had stated at a campaign stop in Iowa in 2016. [CNN]

» Vanessa Bryant’s Invasion Of Privacy And Negligence Trial Against LASD Begins The jury has now been seated and the trial is underway Wednesday in downtown Los Angeles of Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit over graphic photos taken by first responders at the scene of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, their teenage daughter and seven others.  [CBS]

» California Doctor Says He Caught Wife Dumping Drano In His Lemonade After He Rigged Kitchen With Cameras Radiologist Dr. Jack Chen, 53, become suspicious when he started to notice a chemical taste in his lemonade and was subsequently diagnosed with ulcers. “On three separate occasions of I have video of her pouring Draino (sic) taken from under our kitchen sink and pouring it into my lemonade (I drink it hot),” Chen wrote in a petition to the court. His wife, 45-year-old dermatologist Dr. Yue Yu, who goes by Emily, was arrested by Irvine police, though she has not yet been formally charged.  [FOX]

» Tom Cruise, #GentleMinions Mania and the Endurance of ‘Elvis’: How Summer Movie Season Rebounded From COVID If you got the chance to see the instant-classic Top Gun: Maverick in theaters, you know that the only right way to experience it is on the BIG screen. It’s a movie made the way movies should be made—to be projected from a little room onto a big old sheet of vinyl in a theater filled with friends and strangers alike. Luckily, Tom Cruise, who understands the cultural value of cinematic experience, fought tooth and nail to keep Top Gun from the hands of streamers, plotting to ruin our summer movie-going fun. [Variety

» Taylor Swift Says She Never Listened To 3LW Before Writing ‘Shake It Off’ Taylor Swift told a federal court this week that she hadn’t heard the 3LW song “Playas Gon’ PLay,” released in 2001, before she wrote her hugely popular hit “Shake It Off,” which debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 back in 2014. The lawsuit, originally filed in 2017 by 3LW songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, focuses on two parts of Swift’s chorus, namely “the players gonna play, play, play,” and “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” Swift says that the phrases were part of pop culture when she was growing up. Maybe in 2032 we’ll be debating the intellectual ownership of “What’s poppin’?” Sorry, Jack Harlow. [NPR]



» Elon Musk Sells Nearly $7 Billion in Tesla Stock as Twitter Case Looms “It is important to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla stock,” former Twitter suitor Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday



Murphy the dog awaits treatment at a mobile veterinary service for pets n the Skid Row community on June 21, 2021 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Bringing Care to the Homeless Pets of L.A.

As homelessness continues to be a major political issue for the city and county of Los Angeles, concerns surrounding the dilemma can stretch even further than one may think.

Despite the circumstances under which an owner may be living for a given period of time, for one local veterinarian, all of the pets of Los Angeles should have the opportunity to live a healthy life — which is why Dr. Sehaj Grewal, who is also known as The Melrose Vet, has decided to lend his time and resources to help animals in need by working alongside the Underdog Community Project, a non-profit organization that was founded in 2021.

“Underdog Community Project is a new and upcoming organization founded by some talented students from USC, who provide monthly medical services to the homeless population’s pets in Skid Row and the larger downtown Los Angeles area,” Grewal told LAMag.


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