Daily Brief: Mater Dei High School Closes Campus After Credible Threat, Movie Popcorn Shortage

Also, DJ Quik’s son, 27-year-old David Blake Jr., has been charged with murder in connection with a shooting that took place in Downey last week

» Mater Dei High School Closes Campus After Credible Threat The Santa Ana-based high school will be closed through Friday because of a credible threat to the campus, school officials announced Tuesday. Further details about the threat were not immediately disclosed. [Los Angeles Times]

» Son of DJ Quik Charged With Murder in Downey Shooting David Blake Jr., 27, who is the son of Los Angeles rapper DJ Quik, has been charged with murder in a fatal shooting that took place in Downey last week, authorities announced Tuesday. [KTLA]

» Popcorn Supply “Will be Tight” at Movie Theaters Around the Country This Summer Popcorn producers are warning moviegoers that they might not be able to purchase their favorite buttery snack or other popular snacks at theaters this summer due to inflation and supply chain disruptions. [New York Post]

» City and School District Police are No Longer Cooperating with Texas School Shooting Investigation The city and school district police departments in Uvalde, Texas are no longer cooperating with a state-level probe into law enforcement’s response to the fatal shooting at Robb Elementary School. [ABC7]

» Elon Musk Mocks Twitter for Changing Its Online Logo During Pride Month Musk, who recently paid $44 billion to take over Twitter, posted a meme on Tuesday showing an approaching dust storm covered with corporate logos, including Twitter’s and several other tech giants, along with the words ‘June is almost here.’ [Daily Mail]


» Compton Will Get a New Councilman After Election Rigging Scandal A judge ruled on Friday that Councilman Isaac Galvan rigged votes to secure his win in the June 2021 municipal election. On Tuesday, he will be replaced by his opponent

» L.A. City Council OKs Unprecedented Move to Buy Chinatown Apartment Building After a three-year debate, the city has been directed to make an offer on a Chinatown building where the landlord had raised rents by up to 300%

» TikTok Reveals LGBTQ+ ‘Trailblazers’ List in Celebration of Pride Month The social media platform has listed some of their most important ’Trailblazers’ to embrace their LGBTQ+ creators in full force for PRIDE

» Depp Trial: Johnny’s Living Big, Jurors Are Confused and Amber Hides Amber Heard retreats to her $1 million desert home as jurors ask questions and Johnny Rocks London


Paige Gallagher performing a set at Flapper Comedy Club. (Photo by Andrew Max Levy)

From TikTok to the Stage: How Paige Gallagher Is Writing Her Name in the Comedy Books

In 2022, comedians are everywhere—every other TikTok or YouTube video is someone doing a skit, a trend, or simply trying to be funny. Perhaps it was an influx caused by eternal pandemic boredom, but the fact remains that comedic content ranges from very hot to very cold.

And Paige Gallagher, 27, is one of the comedians making sizzling content right now.

Born and raised in California by her Korean mother and white father, Gallagher initially began her career in acting at the AMDA College of Performing Arts on Yucca St. in Los Angeles. The entertainment world was something she knew she had wanted to pursue most of her life, but after her studies at AMDA is when she truly began pursuing comedy.


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