Daily Brief: Letter to WeHo City Council; Convicted FBI Agent Wants New Trial

Also, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and Mark Wahlberg are among 1000s who fled south from CA, but top economist Nouriel Roubini predicts they’ll regret it


» L.A. City Council Votes to Approve Law Targeting Misinformation At Pregnancy Service Centers The ordinance, proposed by City Attorney Mike Feuer, will come before the council for a second reading next week and would take effect immediately, if approved; it would be enforced with fines of $10,000 per violation. It would also allow victims to sue for compensation if they believe they have been misled about reproductive health services with false advertising. [NBC]

» Sewage Spill Forces Closure Of Beach In Los Angeles County The Department of Public Health closed beaches within 100 yards of Ballona Creek on Saturday evening after 1,200 gallons of sewage spilled near 4545 W. 62nd St. in View Park-Windsor Hills. Only about 500 gallons were recovered while 700 gallons spilled into Centinela Creek, which discharges into Ballona Creek and eventually into the ocean. [KTLA]

» eBay Bans Listing Described As “Jeffrey Dahmer Costumes” Netflix’s hit series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has sparked renewed interest in the notorious serial killer just in time for Halloween season. Despite the hype, eBay has decided to ban the sale of Dahmer-themed costumes on the platform, citing the e-commerce company’s Violence and Violent Criminal Policy, which prohibits listings associated with “individuals who are notorious for committing violent acts.” [ABC]

» Why Does Peter Thiel Want Maltese Citizenship? The L.A. based tech investor, along with other global elites of his ilk, has begun to take an interest in Malta. Since 2013, the Mediterranean island nation, home to over 500,000 people, has raked in hundreds of millions of euros selling “golden passports” through a citizenship-for-sale offer, in which a buyer can get a passport in about 12 months with a €750,000 payment to the local government. PayPal co-founder and the first outside investor in Facebook, Thiel is hopping on the bandwagon and applying for his very own golden passport, which would allow him easier access to the EU. [NY Times]




» “Black Adam” Review: Dwayne Johnson’s Savage Antihero Can’t Save DC’s Latest It’s not a total disaster, but Marvel won’t lose any sleep over this one.





An L.A. Artist is Planting 1000s of Acorns in the Santa Monica Mountains

The broke artist is a classic archetype. For Los Angeles-based artist Rebecca Youssef, however, it was the reality of her own “brokeness,” in grad school that forced her to begin thinking about the conversation between art and conservation.

“I was forced to be resourceful,” she says. “I used to paint on these old hospital sheets I bought for 50 cents at the local thrift store.”

For a while, foraging for found objects she could turn into fine art was akin to post-traumatic stress, as she didn’t want to relive the days when she had nothing. But then the pandemic came and she found herself amassing paper shopping bags. Suddenly, she was thinking about those old practices from her salad days once again. What might it mean to find use in waste, she wondered. To take the domestic and the banal and to turn it into something beautiful?

“Working with the planet,” is how Youssef describes it. “Instead of taking from it.”

Today, she puts this to use in her L.A. studio. She is perhaps most prolific when it comes to her recycled cardboard collages: corrugated squares fastened together and painted over with a series of colorful streaks, droplets and puddles. Then there is the homemade paper series, reclaiming discarded junk mail and homework assignments. Then there’s the grocery bag series—using those aforementioned consumer relics to re-explore color and light and vitality as we emerge from Covid.


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