Daily Brief: LeBron Avoids Saying Whether He Was at Kobe’s Memorial

Also a new homeless shelter in Venice, killer bees in Pasadena, and a hit-and-run in Beverlywood

» Did LeBron attend Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s memorial service on Monday or didn’t he? The Lakers heavyweight was asked at practice on Tuesday and wouldn’t answer outright, saying, “Like I said, man, it’s just…I respect your question, for sure…It was very emotional, very emotional day, very tough day for myself, for my family, for everyone involved.” Several Lakers were seen on camera during the event, but LeBron wasn’t one of them. [Los Angeles Times]

» A 154-bed homeless shelter that neighbors had petitioned to stop from being constructed opened in Venice yesterday. According to Curbed L.A., “It includes 100 beds for adults in the hangar-like tent and another 54 for young people in temporary trailers. A central courtyard serves as a community dining space, and colorful murals adorn the sides of the trailers.” [Curbed L.A.]

» Republique chef-owner Walter Manzke is in the hospital after being hit by a car on Pico Boulevard in Beverlywood last week. Manzke is recovering after suffering collapsed lungs, broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, and cuts and scrapes to his face. [CBS 2]

» A judge has ordered state and federal officials to answer additional questions regarding a plan to move a group of quarantined people under coronavirus watch to Costa Mesa. They were evacuated to Travis Air Force Base, and infected patients were sent to hospitals. Now some officials want to relocate the 67 California residents to the state-owned Fairview Developmental Center.  [A.P.]

» Several people have been hospitalized after a swarm of 40,000 “killer” bees swarmed a Pasadena hotel. “Something set them off,” a bee expert observed. [The Guardian]

» The FBI has arrested a man they suspect of staging cyber attacks on the 2018 campaign website of Bryan Caforio. Caforio was running against Katie Hill. The suspect, Arthur Dam, reportedly provided some “website security consulting” services to Hill’s campaign. [Orange County Register]

» A version of The Bachelor for senior citizens appears to be in the works. The show’s producers have put out a casting call for over-65s looking for reality show love. [People]


» Charges of Anti-Semitism Further Mar an Already Ugly L.A. School Board Race The ideological battle between charter school advocates and public school advocates is heating up in the West Valley

» Hot Pockets Heiress Is the Latest Admissions Scandal Parent to Be Sent to the Slammer The Orange County mom from a prominent frozen-food family has been sentenced to five months

» Netflix Inches Toward Transparency by Posting Lists of Its ‘Most Popular’ Content Rather than release conventional ratings, the streaming service will now offer daily rankings


dave roback mazzy star dead
Mazzy Star at the Palace in 1994

Lindsay Brice/Getty Images

Mazzy Star Cofounder David Roback Is Dead at 61

David Roback, the musician best known for cofounding the beloved, genre-eluding band Mazzy Star with singer and lyricist Hope Sandoval in Santa Monica in 1989 has died at age 61, a publicist confirmed Tuesday. No date or cause of death has been given.

In an era when raucous, blaring, often tongue-in-cheek “grunge” bands like Nirvana, the Pixies, and Mother Love Bone were starting to dictate the sound of the day, Roback and Sandoval confounded and exited music fans and critics alike with a low-key style that has been described as “cosmic,” “hazy,” “haunting,” “subdued,” and “ethereal.”

Roback, a producer and keyboardist as well as guitarist, was also influential in L.A.’s return to psychedelic music in the early 1980s, when his band Rain Parade led the city’s “Paisley underground” movement.

Mazzy Star seemed to disappear after their third album, 1996’s Among My Swan, but returned 17 years later with 2013’s Seasons of Your Day, “a beautifully tender record in debt to the Southern Gothic.”


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