Daily Brief: Lawyer’s Confession Delays FBI Trial Over Armenian Mob Leaks; First Monkeypox Death in L.A.

Also, at the 2022 Emmy awards, celebs donned chokers, metallics, one-shoulder asymmetricals, sheer body-con sheaths, and men wore white— have we seen these trends before?


» Southern California Mudslides Damage Homes, Carry Away Cars Cleanup efforts and damage assessments were underway Tuesday east of Los Angeles after heavy rains unleashed mudslides in a mountain area scorched by a wildfire two years ago, sending boulders across roads, carrying away cars and prompting evacuations and shelter-in-place orders. Firefighters went street by street to make sure no residents were trapped after mudflows began inundating roads on Monday night near the community of Forest Falls. [AP

» California Launches Taxpayer-funded Website Promoting State’s Abortion Services The abortion website is part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pledge to make California a sanctuary state for women seeking an abortion in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned. The reproductive health resources provided by the site will also be available to non-residents of California. “California just launched a brand-new resource. A resource for those seeking reproductive care, whether you live here or not,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom. [FOX]

» Los Angeles Achieves All-time Lowest Water Use For August August was the third straight month in which L.A. has set a record-low for water usage. After reducing water use by 9% in June and 11% in July compared to the same months last year, August saw a 10% reduction compared to the previous two years. The rolling gallons per capita per day for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power dropped to 111 gallons, down from 113 last year. [CBS]

» When Will You Receive Your California Inflation Relief Payment? In the coming weeks, taxpayers in California are expected to begin receiving payments promised in response to rising gas prices and the cost of living. Earlier this year, the state legislature and governor agreed to send Californians who file income tax in the state making less than $500,000 a year payments between $200 and $1,050 depending on income and family size. [KCRA]







Zendaya at the 2022 Emmy Awards. (Getty)

Emmys 2022 Fashion: Tried and True Trends Were the Night’s Tone

If you like black tie glamor, there’s surely no shortage of it this week. It’s a veritable trifecta of trends, what with New York Fashion Week, the Toronto Film Festival, and the Emmys vying and cajoling for Hollywood and everyone else’s attention—at the same time. What? There was almost nothing happening all summer on the celebrity circuit and now three major style events at once? The calendar gods clearly conspired to make collective heads spin on just the second week of September. I know mine is!

Speaking of trends: choker necklaces, high-low hemmed gowns, metallics, one-shoulder asymmetricals, strapless necklines, sheer body-con sheaths, cutouts, men in white—where have we seen these trends before? Oh, that’s right! They’re not exactly new. We saw it all at the Oscars (if we weren’t yawning or gaping in disbelief) and they were all over the place at fashion weeks from New York to Europe for fall 2022. We’re already seeing a lot of the same at New York Fashion Week, which is for spring 2022. But so what? There’s almost nothing new under the sun fashion-wise, so celebs and their stylists are sticking to the recently tried and true.


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