Daily Brief: Las Vegas Massacre-Size Weapon Stockpile Found in Hollywood; Newsom Floats Another Gun Bill

Also, Prince of Darkness, rock pioneering founding Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne canceled his 2023 tour and maybe all future tours


» Colorado River Compact Water Crisis: California Plan Explained A water crisis is looming in the West as seven states struggle to agree on how to divide water from the mighty Colorado River. California is playing hardball with its neighboring states. The months-long effort got more complex this week when California rejected a plan the other six states had put together, tossing an already contentious process into disarray. This all matters because the river provides a significant amount of the water that makes life in the West possible. From Denver to Los Angeles, more than 40 million people depend on it to keep their farms flourishing and taps flowing. [USAToday]

» Black Lives Matter-L.A. Criticizes Reappointment Of LAPD Chief Michel Moore Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles leaders lambasted Mayor Karen Bass’ decision to greenlight a second term for Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore, describing the move as a betrayal at a news conference Wednesday. The Los Angeles Police Commission unanimously approved a second term for Moore on Tuesday, a day after Bass expressed support for the move in a letter to the board. The five-member commission, whose members are selected by the mayor, is currently made up of appointees of former Mayor Eric Garcetti, who left office in December. Bass has not yet announced a timetable for replacing any of the members with her own appointees. [L.A. Times]

» L.A.’s “Green Alley” Experiments Are Working Green Alleys convert trash-ridden, pothole-laden alleyways into smoothly paved corridors with brightly painted murals, new greenery, and more places to stroll—and present a non-invasive way to drain and collect wasted rainwater. The South Los Angeles neighborhood contains some 300 miles of alleyways—about one-third of all the city’s alleyways—and due to the combination of low-lying land, paved-over surfaces, and aging sewer infrastructure, it also has the city’s second-highest rate of flooding complaints. Green Alleys, once there are enough of them could help. [Curbed]

» Dr. Phil Waves Goodbye to Daytime Television After 21 Seasons Daytime television psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw says he plans to end his talk show after 21 years in the coming months, but viewers haven’t seen the last of him. Dr. Phil was the most prominent spinoff from Oprah Winfrey’s show, which once dominated daytime TV. The Texan’s program debuted in September 2002 after he’d been featured as a regular guest on Winfrey’s. [AP]



» Ex-Lawyer and Estranged “Real Housewives” Husband Tom Girardi Indicted on Fraud Charges On Wednesday, reality TV star Erika Jayne teased a statement about the news that her ex, Tom Girardi, was hit with criminal charges in two states



The Kawaller Report: Partying at Playboy’s Lingerie Soirée

Playboy, the rebranded adult-entertainment company, hosted a Valentine’s Day Party at West Hollywood’s Fleur Room to launch their new Cherry Bomb lingerie collection.

We sent local inquirer of heterosexuality Ben Kawaller to the event, where he learned that the one-time “entertainment for men” magazine is now a largely women-led apparel company and (nude) creator platform offering “pleasure for all.” At the event, he rubbed elbows, and a few other body parts, with some Playmates, social-media personalities, and Playboy executives.


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