Daily Brief: LAMag Gets New Owners; L.A. Bans Oil And Gas Drilling

Also, while Amazon chief Jeff Bezos lives in bad boss infamy, he makes it rain at his weirdo experimental kiddie school


» Los Angeles Bans Oil And Gas Drilling Within City Limits The L.A. City Council has voted to ban new oil and gas drilling and phase out existing wells over the next two decades, a historic decision that comes after years of complaints by residents about how pollution from nearby drilling has resulted in public health concerns. In a 12-0 vote on Friday, the council approved an ordinance it began drafting earlier this year that will immediately ban new extraction and shut down existing operations within 20 years. The decision to ban new drilling and decommission existing wells is one of the strongest environmental policies enacted in the state and could pave the way for other cities around the country to adopt similar measures. [CNBC]

» Avenatti Sentenced To 14 Years In California Fraud Case On Monday Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame representing porn star Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump, was sentenced in California to 14 years in prison for cheating clients out of millions of dollars. Avenatti was also fined $10 million by U.S. District Judge James V. Selna. The judge said Avenatti’s sentence in Southern California will be served after he finishes a five-year term for separate convictions in New York. This was the last of three major federal criminal cases to wrap up against the 51-year-old Californian. Avenatti is currently serving prison time for stealing book proceeds from Daniels and for attempting to extort Nike if the shoemaker didn’t pay him up to $25 million. [AP]

» Fast-food Industry Pushes To Halt AB 257 Businesses and restaurant trade groups said Monday that they have submitted enough voter signatures for a ballot measure to overturn a landmark California law that could raise fast-food workers’ wages to $22 an hour. However, labor advocates allege that these signatures were obtained fraudulently. The fast-food industry coalition, called Save Local Restaurants, had until Dec. 5 to submit roughly 623,000 California voter signatures to put a measure on the 2024 ballot to ask voters to overturn the law, known as AB 257 or the Fast Recovery Act. The coalition, which has been spending heavily on the referendum, said that it had submitted more than 1 million signatures. [L.A. Times]

» Nike Nixes Shoe Deal With Kyrie Irving Nike has ended its eight-year commercial relationship with NBA star Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets player recently ensnared in controversy after posting a link to an antisemitic film. Nike’s move comes one month after the athletic apparel giant suspended its relationship with Irving over a tweet he shared in October. In a one-line statement to CBS News on Monday, Nike stated “Kyrie Irving is no longer a Nike athlete.” [CBS]

» Kirstie Alley, Cheers and Veronica’s Closet star, dead at 71 Actress Kirstie Alley, star of the big and small screens known for her Emmy-winning role on Cheers and films like Look Who’s Talking, has died after a brief battle with cancer, her children True and Lillie Parker announced on her social media. [CNN]



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