Daily Brief: L.A. County’s 2nd and 3rd Omicron Cases, Jussie Smollett Trial

Also, Netflix taps comedian Dave Chappelle to open their upcoming comedy festival in L.A. next spring despite ”The Closer” controversy

» L.A. County’s 2nd and 3rd Omicron Cases Include USC Student and International Traveler Both the college student, who traveled to the East Coast over Thanksgiving, and the traveler, who came from Western Africa were fully vaccinated and had mild COVID symptoms, officials said. The news comes just days after L.A. County confirmed its first omicron case. [Los Angeles Times]

» Jussie Smollett Denies Staging Chicago Attack, Claiming “There Was No Hoax” The former Empire star—who faces charges for allegedly lying to Chicago police about a violent hate crime against him in early 2019—testified for more than five hours in court, saying it was “fully false, 100 percent false” that he planned or paid anyone to stage an attack on him. [Deadline]

» Thom Davis Stepping Down As Business Manager of IATSE Local 80
Davis, who has been business manager since 1998, announced during a membership meeting on Sunday that he would be leaving the position. A source told The Hollywood Reporter that Davis’ decision to leave Local 80 is a retirement, not a resignation. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» More Than 100 L.A. Firefighters Placed on Unpaid Leave For Failing to Meet City’s Vaccination In November, the Los Angeles Fire Department sent out notices to 222 employees who had not yet submitted their vaccination status or requested an exemption to the policy, which requires municipal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 18. As of Monday, a total of 113 firefighters were placed on leave without pay for not complying with the mandate. [ABC7]

» Dave Chappelle To Headline Netflix’s Comedy Festival Next Year The comedian, whose latest special The Closer sparked controversy for the streaming service, will kick off the 11-day comedy festival. Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival will span across 25 venues throughout L.A. between April 28 and May 8 and will feature more than 130 performers including Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, John Mulaney, and Kevin Hart. [Los Angeles Times]


» Why is the Term ‘Latinx’ Such a Loser Among Hispanic Voters? The phrase might be the bee’s knees to far-left activists but many Americans of Latin descent think it stinks

» Devin Nunes Will Exit Congress to Report for Trump Duty Nunes announced Monday that he is resigning from Congress to take a job as CEO of the new Trump Media and Technology Group

» It’s One Final Hair-Raising Show in L.A. for Michael Butler The legendary impresario who launched the scandalous ’60s musical unveils his last production of the show in the valley


(Photo by Khanh Nguyen)

The Story Behind How Library Cats Came to the Rescue of L.A.’s Kitties

The Central Library is closing in a few minutes, and outside in Maguire Gardens there’s the sound of a bicycle bell in the chilly evening air as several people are setting out what seems to be a picnic.

Around a dozen plastic plates and bowls are being laid out on one of the paths, with several more on ledges: the “Library Cats” volunteers are here to feed the 20-25 felines of their feral cat family.

On duty tonight is Martha Perez, who spoons out the food from a large Tupperware bowl and explains that it’s a mix of dry food and kibble, with some water added, and tuna on top.


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