Daily Brief: L.A. County Reaches Nearly 9,000 New COVID Cases

Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger donated 25 tiny homes to homeless vets in L.A. and TikTok takes Google’s 15-year reign as the most visited site

» Los Angeles County COVID Cases Reach Nearly 9,000 As the highly contagious Omicron variant continues to surge, the county on Sunday reported 8,891 new COVID cases Sunday compared with 11,930 on Saturday. However, officials caution that the latest numbers might not be complete due to reporting delays over the holiday weekend. [Los Angeles Times]

» Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates 25 Tiny Homes to Homeless Vets in L.A. Just days before Christmas, the former California governor donated $250,000 to the nonprofit Village for Vets, which went toward purchasing 25 tiny homes for retired veterans who had previously been homeless. [Fox 11]

» Desmond Tutu, Whose Voice Helped End Apartheid in South Africa, Dies at 90 The South African cleric and Nobel laureate, who is often described as South Africa’s moral conscience, died in Cape Town on Boxing Day. [The Guardian]

» TikTok Tops Google as the World’s Most Visited Site For the last 15 years, Google has been the most popular designation on the Internet, but this year, TikTok snagged the title, according to an analysis from storage software company Cloudflare. [Inc. Magazine]

» Teen Girl Fatally Shot by LAPD Inside Burlington Dressing Room The 14-year-old girl who was killed by police on Thursday when police opened fire on a suspect who was allegedly assaulting someone in a North Hollywood clothing store has been identified as Valentina Orellana-Peralta, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. [Los Angeles Times]


» Michael Avenatti Says Former Attorney General Bill Barr Personally Sent Him to the Hole The onetime liberal media hero claims that Trump’s handpicked Attorney General ordered him into a U.S. gulag reserved for the nation’s most dangerous criminals

» How Los Angeles Can Avoid COVID Hospital Surge ”Even if Omicron causes half the severe disease Delta does … it can still be a major threat for our hospital systems and our residents,” says Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County’s health director

» LA Mag’s Top Stories of 2021 From LA’s Psychedelic Explosion to the Woke Wars at Brentwood School, our 20 Most-Read Stories of The Year


Photo by Irvin Rivera

How Echo Park’s Old Master Is Painting the End of the World

ON THE MORNING of January 6, 2021, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, like most Americans, was going about her business as usual. She’d recently completed an ambitious suite of 15 allegorical paintings for her solo debut at Galerie Max Hetzler, her Berlin dealer, who also represents art stars like Ai Weiwei and Julian Schnabel. One depicted oil rigs burning in the sea; another, a medieval army killing everything in its path; still another, a parade of elephants representing the 3.5 billion-year march of evolution. But the Max Hetzler exhibition was ending in three days, and she was in limbo, relaxing at her one bedroom, cat-filled Elysian Heights bungalow. It was inside this “anti-minimalist, repurposed tool shed” which overflows with Lilliputian mise en scenes comprised of toy train set figurines enacting scenes of hijinx and hysteria along every window sill, bookshelf, and planter, that she considered what her next project might be. Dupuy-Spencer listened to NPR that morning, smoked one of the day’s first Marlboro Reds, and struggled to come up with an idea for a new painting for a February group show in Brussels with her primary dealer, Nino Mier. “I just didn’t have an idea,” she says. “I was a completely depleted person.”


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