Daily Brief: End Of L.A. Mask Mandate Soon? Kobe Crash $2.5 Million Settlement

Also, Kristen Stewart engaged to girlfriend Dylan Meyer; Disgraced councilman Mark Ridley Thomas gets replacement

» Los Angeles County’s health director Barbara Ferrer announced on Tuesday the criteria that will be necessary to retire its mask mandate for large outdoor events and in indoor settings with less than 1,000 people. Among the key metrics is a requirement for the county to have three consecutive weeks of “moderate” virus transmission, three weeks of low hospitalization numbers, and a full-vaccination rate of 80 percent of Angelenos ages 12 and older. [ABC 7]

» California started giving out the first round of COVID vaccinations to children ages 5 to 11 on Wednesday as part of the state’s lofty goal to get 3.5 million kids vaccinated. The state’s vaccination website, myturn.ca.gov, is expected to start offering appointments for this age group soon, and L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said the department expects that there will be “ample vaccine to meet demand.” [Los Angeles Times]

» Los Angeles County will pay a $2.5-million settlement to two families who sued over the sharing of unauthorized photos of the helicopter crash that killed their loved ones and Kobe Bryant. Matthew Mauser, whose wife Christine died, will receive $1.25 million and siblings J.J. Altobelli and Alexis Altobelli—who lost their mother, father, and younger sister in the Jan. 26, 2020 crash—will share another $1.25 million. [Los Angeles Times]

» Kristen Stewart announced Tuesday that her girlfriend, Dylan Meyer, proposed to her and they are getting married. “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it,” said Stewart who is starring in the upcoming Spencer film. “It was really cute. She did very well. We’re marrying. It’s happening.” [Yahoo]

» Two weeks after the Los Angeles City Council voted to suspend Mark Ridley Thomas from his duties amid his criminal indictment for conspiracy, bribery, and other charges, the council has yet to fill his 10th District seat. But on Monday, City Council President Nury Martinez appointed Ridley-Thomas’ chief of staff, Karly Katona, as the caretaker for the district. [Los Angeles Times]

» Four years after relocating from San Diego, the Chargers are building their permanent Los Angeles home with their new training facility in El Segundo. “It really is a statement about where we want to be and who we are at our core,” Fred Maas, the Chargers’ chief of staff, said about the project which is expected to be completed in spring 2024. “I think it’s going to be an important expression of the Los Angeles Chargers that we all know and envision. [Los Angeles Times]


» Who Killed Whitey Bulger? No One Is In A Rush To Find Out Three years after the brutal prison murder of the former crime boss and FBI informant, there are suspects but no arrests

» The New California Dream Is in Portugal Hollywood A-Listers and Tech Influencers from Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley are flocking to the Golden State’s European Twin

» Parents Get $17 Million for Son Killed by LAPD Cop at Costco A judge ruled that officer Salvador Sanchez used excessive and unreasonable force when he fired ten rounds at the 32-year-old man


Close-up of American politician and Gay rights activist Harvey Milk (1930 – 1978) as he campaigns for a position on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Francisco, California, September 1977. (Photo by Janet Fries/Getty Images)

Harvey Milk Becomes First Ever Gay to Have Navy Ship Named in His Honor

A decade ago, launching a campaign to convince officials that it would be a good idea for the US Navy to christen a more than half-billion-dollar war-fighting vessel after a seminal gay figure was an intimidating proposition.

A decade later, “In the name of the United States of America, I christen thee United States Naval Ship Harvey Milk,” or similar words will be spoken at a San Diego shipyard Saturday, November 6 by a yet-to-be-named, champagne bottle-wielding woman, as tradition dictates.

“Naming this ship after Harvey Milk is a fitting tribute to a man who had been at the forefront of advocating for civil and human rights,” said former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus when he announced that the name of a new refueling vessel would honor the legacy of Milk, the assassinated San Francisco City and County supervisor.


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