Daily Brief: L.A.’s Blistering Political Battle Over A Suspended Councilman

Also, Trump era drilling comes to an end as eleven oil wells are permanently closed in San Luis Obispo.


» Former LA Councilman Mitch Englander Fined $80,000 For Hiding More than $20,000 In Gifts Former City Councilman Mitchell Englander will pay nearly $80,000 in fines for failing to disclose more than $20,000 in gifts during trips he took to Las Vegas and Palm Springs in 2017, for accepting gifts that exceeded the city’s limit, and for exploiting his high-level position in public office to benefit himself. [Daily News]

» Three-Quarters Of American Farmers Say The Drought Is Hurting Their Harvest Climate change is happening right now, and it’s doing more than lining the pockets of sunscreen salesmen. Due to a scorching July, the third hottest in U.S. history, and severe drought persisting throughout the American West, 37 percent of U.S. farmers are plowing and killing crops that they say will never make it to maturity in the dry conditions. Also, with water sources dwindling and the grass losing its green, farmers are being forced to sell their herds earlier than normal this year. [CNN]

» Stanford Monkeypox Case Not Sex-related, Raising Questions About Transmission A monkeypox case reported in the Bay Area adds to the growing evidence that people can contract the virus in multiple ways — and raises questions about just how easy it is to get infected during casual encounters with others. [Mercury]

» Ready or Not, Here Comes Web3: How the Internet’s Next Evolution Is Shaping Hollywood’s Future As the world has eased out of pandemic crisis mode, the pop culture-verse and the Wall Street-verse have been rife with discourse and deal-making around a belief in the revolutionary potential of mind-bendingly complicated, internet-enabled new systems of communication, content creation, supply-chain management, legal documentation and banking. This emerging world has a nomenclature all its own — Web3. [Variety]

» The High-Stakes Race to Engineer New Psychedelic Drugs This is what happens when a mouse trips out: It becomes more curious about other mice and more likely to socialize with them for long periods of time. It becomes less likely to glug massive amounts of alcohol. It wriggles, quavering, like a wet dog shaking off rain. And its head twitches, rapidly, side to side.  [Wired





Tatiana Maslany, seen here attending Marvel Studios “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law” Los Angeles Premiere at El Capitan Theatre on August 15, 2022


Early Reviews for Marvel’s Latest Superhero Agree: She-Hulk Smash!

With hours to go before the series premiere Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, critics are ranking the giant green lawyer season up their with some of Marvel’s best-loved heroes.

So far, the adventures of the 6’7″ superhuman defense counselor has scored 88 percent fresh with critics at Rotten Tomatoes based on 198 reviews, though no audience reviews have been tallied yet.

The show, streaming on Thursday, features Tatiana Maslany’s as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk attempting to balance her career and her uncanny powers in the 10-episode season, which tackles the superhero business from a distinct female perspective.


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