Daily Brief: L.A. Council President Proposes Heather Hutt Represent District 10

Also, on National Cinema Day, movie theaters across the country will sell tickets for $3 or less.


» Karen Bass Has Commanding Lead Over Rick Caruso In Mayoral Race A new poll of the Los Angeles’ mayoral race shows Congresswoman Karen Bass leading developer Rick Caruso. Of the 1,700 registered voters that participated, 43 percent indicated that they favored Bass, 31 percent indicated that they supported Caruso, and 24 percent noted that they were undecided. [CBSLA

» California Law Could Decriminalize Rap Lyrics California could become the first state to restrict how creative expressions, from music to literature, can be used in criminal trials. Prosecutors will often cite rap lyrics that depict illegal behavior as evidence against black rappers, suggesting that their lyrics are somehow more indicative of character than of artistic style. [LA Times

» On National Cinema Day, Movie Theaters Across The Country Will Sell Tickets For $3 A nationwide day of reprieve from the absurdly high costs of modern-day movie outings will be a celebration for all moviegoers, from first-daters to families of five. On September 3, the annual National Cinema Day will make its debut in over 3,000 theaters in the U.S. Most major theater chains, including AMC and Regal, will be participating.  [Business Insider

» The Fight Against Drought In California Has A New Tool: The Restrictor Think of a tire lock, but for your water pipes. Officials of California’s Las Virgenes Municipal Water District are implementing a new device that can significantly decrease the water supply of homes that repeatedly break water usage protocol. [CNN]

» Nationwide Car-theft Wave Spawned By Social Media The so-called “Kia Boys” went viral with a Youtube video revealing a design flaw that makes certain Hyundai and Kia car models easier to steal— so easy, in fact, that it can take less than a minute. Now, a wave of social media-inspired car-thefts has led to a rise in total car-thefts nationwide. [Axios]

» The World’s Most Famous Architect Designed LA’s Newest Hotel 93-year-old architect Frank Ghery, widely considered one of the most important architects of the 20th century, is the mastermind behind The Grand hotel in Downtown L.A. The boxy, cubist-inspired sculpture/hotel sits just across from the Walt Disney concert hall, one of Ghery’s most famous works. [Daily Beast]



» Descendents Bringing 45 Years of South Bay Punk to Pasadena The pop-punk founders play this Sunday on the Greens stage at This Ain’t No Picnic festival




Review: “Breaking” Features John Boyega at His Finest

Desperate times create desperate men, and one man’s distress has devastating consequences in Breaking, which tells the true story of Brian Brown-Easley, a former Marine who was shot and killed in 2017 after taking hostages at a bank in an attempt to reclaim a disability payment he believed he was owed by the government.

This is a deeply sad and powerful story, no doubt, but I’m not so sure it’s an important one beyond serving as a lesson in both how poorly this country treats its veterans, and also, how not to go about things when life doesn’t go your way.

Directed by Abi Damaris Corbin, who co-wrote the script with Kwame Kwei-Armah, Breaking is effectively a hostage drama that stars John Boyega (here in a galaxy far, far away from his Star Wars trilogy hero) as Brown-Easley, a man who has been pushed to his breaking point after a check for $892 that he was counting on from the Department of Veteran Affairs never materializes.


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