Daily Brief: Karen Bass’s Los Angeles; Editor’s Note: The Car Issue

Also, the Wahlberg-Gibson religious pugilist flick “Father Stu” was an epic bungle in the box office jungle


» Progress Made On Keystone Oil Spill Cleanup On Monday, Canada’s TC Energy Corp announced it has cleaned up roughly 2,600 barrels of oil following a 14,000 crude oil barrel spill in Kansas last Wednesday. It is one of the largest U.S. spills in decades though officials have not yet confirmed its cause. The statement came on the heels of a Monday meeting during which TC Energy and county officials discussed how to contain and clean the spill, which led to the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline. Officials have not yet confirmed a timetable for restarting the pipeline. [Reuters]

» Man Appears In Federal Court For Alleged Role In Pan Am Flight 103 Catastrophe The former Libyan intelligence officer accused of making the explosive responsible for the 1988 Pan Am Flight catastrophe, killing all 259 passengersd and crew members, appeared in federal court on Monday. Charged with an act of international terrorism, Abu Agila Mohammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi is the first of three Libyan intelligence officials to appear in an American courtroom for prosecution. The announcement of charges first came on December 21, 2020, the 32nd anniversary of the bombing. [AP]

» Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Wins $2 Million Settlement Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has agreed to a $2 million settlement with city officials following Taylor’s shooting in 2020. The decision follows a $12 million settlement reached between Taylor’s family and Louisville officials in 2020. Walker was present with Taylor on the night of her shooting when three police officers burst into Taylor’s apartment, executing a search justified with falsified evidence. Three officers involved in the raid are facing charges for violating Taylor’s civil rights. Other terms of the settlement include implementing city-wide police reform, including requiring all search warrants to be approved by a senior officer. [BBC]

» U.S. Expects Tuesday Announcement of Nuclear Fusion Milestone Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is expected to make an announcement Tuesday regarding a scientific breakthrough that could help turn nuclear fusion into a practical source of clean, inexpensive energy that doesn’t exacerbate global warming damage or create radioactive waste. While the development still faces many obstacles, researchers are noting the historic nature of discovering a fusion reaction that produces more energy than it takes in. [Politico]





Editor’s Note: Buckle Up and Start Your Engines

Like most people, I got my driver’s license in high school. But unlike most people, I didn’t drive again for the next 30 years.

I spent most of my adult life in New York City, where the only cars I rolled around in were bright yellow and had a ticking meter next to the driver. Occasionally, when I got lucky, I might get a ride in the back seat of a company town car or, even more occasionally and even more luckily, on the back of a Harley. But for the most part, like most New Yorkers, I got around by subway.

Then, a decade ago, I moved to L.A. and suddenly found myself sitting behind a steering wheel. At first, it was a little nerve-racking. To be honest, I was never a particularly good driver, even as a teenager—it was actually a small miracle that I passed my road test. My first car was an ancient, tanker-size Chevy gifted to me by my grandma. A year later, after driving it into the front window of a (closed) kosher deli, I decided I was done with cars. But, it turned out, they weren’t done with me.


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