Daily Brief: Jeff Bezos’s L.A. House Hunt

Also evictions in Koreatown, high-wind havoc, and Iowa Caucus delays

» Jeff Bezos continues his search an L.A. home. Realtors report he’s seen several mega-mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, but nothing’s stuck yet. Call HGTV, we’re pitching “House Hunters: Gazillionare Edition.”  [The Real Deal]

» The Iowa Caucus didn’t go as planned (understatement), but as one Guardian reporter suggests, maybe getting the results a day later is fine and we will all live? [Guardian]  

» As the LAPD evidence-fabricating scandal grows, it’s allowing the public to learn more about the secretive ways cops label civilians as possible gang members. It can take years of legal proceedings for an innocent person to get their name removed from one database. [Los Angeles Times]

» High winds have downed trees and triggered power outages across the region. Officials have also declared a windblown dust advisory in some areas. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Was the Super Bowl half-time show “too sexy,” as some conservative commentators claimed? Or was it exactly the correct amount of sexy? [HipLatina]

» Another developer is evicting tenants in Koreatown. In this case, it’s shopping plaza, home to several long-standing small businesses, which will be replaced with an new apartment complex. [Curbed]


» How Cannabis Became a Staple of Awards-Season Swag Bags From CBD facial treatments to THC edibles, the stigma around weed has gone up in smoke at Hollywood’s biggest events

» A Party Venue’s Busted Floor Sent Rowdy Kids Spilling Into the Streets of Brentwood Neighbors on Nextdoor complained of blocked traffic, kids screaming from their Beamers, and more 

» HBO’s McMillions Peels Back the Wildest ’90s Conspiracy You Never Knew James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte explain how they turned a forgotten fraud into a must-watch series


restaurant theft los angeles
Photo by Corina Marie Howell for Los Angeles magazine

L.A. Restaurant Owners Reveal What Customers Just Love to Steal

Since Caitlin and Daniel Cutler opened Ronan in September 2018, the couple estimates that they’ve lost about half of the bar glasses at their Fairfax shared-plates spot. The culprit isn’t clumsy servers but, rather, klepto customers. “People want to take a little piece of their evening home,” says Caitlin, who is both understanding and frustrated at the nearly $2,000 in tiki glasses and eclectic cups that have gone missing. “When I was in my 20s and drinking more, I’m sure I did some crazy stuff, too,” she says. The Cutlers are hardly alone in having patrons pocket random items. People think nothing of taking a neat knife, a crafty coaster, or even a light bulb to go. Have a look.


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