Daily Brief: Interview: Trans Fugitive Who Spurred Spa Riots; Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty

Also, Amber Heard has settled with ex-hubby Johnny Depp in their dueling defamation suits for $1 million


» Karen Bass’ Homeless Program “Inside Safe” To Begin Mayor Karen Bass is preparing to launch a new program to address homelessness in Los Angeles. The new program, called “Inside Safe,” is set to launch Tuesday. Teams will be moving unhoused people from tent encampments into hotels and motels. Bass says that her office has been in touch with motel owners near encampments. L.A.’s new mayor claims the plan will cost under $100 million. [ABC]

» Judge Strikes Down California Gun Law Modeled On Texas Abortion Measure The injunction from Judge Roger Benitez sets California’s law, which enables private citizens to sue manufacturers of illegal guns, on a potential path to the U.S. Supreme Court. The move could set up a test of both laws—an outcome that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has sought. Benitez underscored the ties between the two laws in his ruling, citing Newsom’s condemnations of the Texas measure, which deputizes citizens to sue abortion providers, as evidence that the California gun law is unconstitutional. [Politico]

» Dissent Among University Of California Academic Workers As They Vote On Agreements To End Five-Week Strike A tentative agreement to end the UC workers’ strike was announced on Friday afternoon via an emailed press release. It highlighted “raises of up to 66%, or over $13,000 per year at some campuses,” and benefits for parents, international students, and stronger protections against workplace discrimination. However, a group of about a dozen union bargaining team members issued a dissenting statement hours after their union and President Drake issued their statements. The dissenting group are urging members to vote against the tentative agreement during open voting this week. [LAist]

» “Magic Mushrooms” Would Be Decriminalized In California Under New Bill The possession and personal use of certain psychedelic drugs such as “magic mushrooms” and ayahuasca would be decriminalized in California under a bill introduced Monday backed by mental health professionals and veterans groups. Supporters of Senate Bill 58 say that the legislation is a step toward ending California’s “war on drugs” and that decriminalizing psychedelics could pave the way for better treatment options to alleviate substance use disorders and other health issues such as anxiety and depression. [L.A. Times]

» Former NFL Player Willie McGinest Is Arrested After Los Angeles Nightclub Assault Three-time Super Bowl champion and current NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest was arrested Monday in connection with an assault at a West Hollywood nightclub, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. McGinest, 51, was taken into custody on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon shortly after he arrived at the department’s West Hollywood station to provide a statement about the incident that occurred on December 9. [NBC]





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