Daily Brief: Indoor Masking Returns, Rain Storm Hits Los Angeles

Also, Brad Pitt is teaming up with Paris-based music engineer Damien Quintard to reopen the legendary studio on his winery estate

» Herschel Walker’s Son Mocked for Complaining About Gas Prices While Wearing Designer Hoodie In a viral video posted to Instagram, Herschel’s son, Christian Walker, rants about being charged $100 to fill up his Range Rover while he’s wearing a Givenchy hoodie that costs more than $1,000. [Daily Mail]

» Indoor Masking Will be Required Again in California Beginning Wednesday Due to an increased number of COVID cases since Thanksgiving, health officials have enacted the new mask mandate, which will be in effect from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced on Monday. [KTLA]

» New texts reveal that Don Jr. and Fox News Hosts Pleaded for Donald Trump to Stop the Jan. 6 insurrection  Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade among the Fox News personalities who texted Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows to tell the President to call off the riot at the Capital. [The Intelligencer]

» Brad Pitt is Set to Reopen Historic Recording Studio on His Winery Estate The actor is teaming up with Paris-based music engineer Damien Quintard to bring back the neglected studio where rock superstars like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and The Cure recorded music, which is located inside Pitt’s winemaking estate. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» “The Most Significant Storm of the Season” is Expected to Hit SoCal Tuesday, Weather Officials Say Light showers already hit Los Angeles County Monday evening, but officials say the main storm front, which will bring heavy rain and aggressive winds, is expected to arrive early Tuesday. [Los Angeles Times]

» The Weekend’s ‘Save Your Tears’ is the Most-Viewed Video on Vevo for 2021 The music video for “Save Your Tears,” which depicts the Toronto-born pop star performing during a disturbing masquerade ball, topped the list with 615 million views globally, and 102.9M views in the U.S. [Variety]

» NRA Responds to Newsom’s Call for Texas-Like Abortion Law to Monitor Assault Guns in California Just days after Newsom called for lawmakers to create legislation that empowers private citizens to sue manufacturers or distributors of assault firearms, the National Rifle Association called his proposal a “political gun control stunt.” In a statement, the NRA said, “Gov. Newsom misunderstands the actions of the Supreme Court – and the limits of his war on lawful gun ownership. His promise to run roughshod over the Second Amendment is little more than political theater.” [KTLA]


» The Cecil Hotel Featured in Creepy Netflix Doc Will Reopen As Affordable Housing The former DTLA hotel will now provide affordable residences to 600 low-income individuals through single-room occupancy units and studios

» Yes, Gas Prices in L.A. Have Finally Dipped Slightly But There’s A Catch The average price is $1.529 higher than one year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service

» Inside the World of Venice Beach’s Legendary Basketball Courts Pro ballers come from all over the world come to shoot hoops on the courts. But it’s the locals who are superstars


(Photo courtesy of Soko)

Sushi Secrets Revealed by Chef Masa of Santa Monica’s Soko

Chef Masa Shimakawa rejects the notion that sushi is a minimalist preparation, that he simply serves as a middle-man, a broker with a sharp knife, between the ocean and his counter. You see, your average independently wealthy food zealot has come to understand sushi as a straightforward institution. Cook rice, slice fish, and fin. The problem with this understanding is that it presents the act of making sushi as a rather thoughtless procedure. Elegant, yes, but basic. It shouldn’t be any surprise that reducing a practice to its simplest terms can be a little condescending towards a chef. Hearing the subtle annoyance in Masa’s voice as he talks about it is delightful, “We don’t just slice and serve; we work for the ingredients. Some ingredients we need to help infuse with flavor, some need vinegar,” he explains with a quiet passion, “It’s not simple rice and fish.”


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