Daily Brief: Thousands Gather for Impeachment Rallies in Southern California

Also tectonic time bombs, a horrifying scandal in Simi Valley, and Hugh Hefner’s son’s new gig

» President Donald Trump is expected to be impeached today. CNN calls it a “dark day in America” that will “unleash fury that will boil for years.”  [CNN]

» According to one impeachment polling tracker Americans are split 47 percent to 47 percent on whether he should be impeached, although a majority think there’s enough evidence to impeach. [Fivethirtyeight]

» Here in Southern California, pro-impeachment rallies took place in downtown L.A., Burbank, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Sierra Madre, and Santa Monica on Tuesday evening. [KTLA]

» In other Trump news, the president asserts that the systematic killing of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 was not, in fact, a “genocide.” That puts him at odds with resolutions officially declaring it a genocide which have now passed both chambers of congress.  [BBC]

» A new map of “tectonic time bombs” examines where and how a catastrophic earthquake could devastate California. The Southern California Scenario model shows an immediate death toll of around 1,800.  [Los Angeles Times]

» A Simi Valley High School lacrosse coach has been arrested on allegations of engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old. Police claim the coach also created fake social media profiles to solicit “pornographic selfies” from students.  [CBS Los Angeles]

» Hugh Hefner’s son is leaving the media to join the Air Force. Cooper Hefner took over Playboy in 2016, then left to form a company of his own–but has abandoned that plan in favor of military service.   [TMZ]

» The comedians behind a video parodying the Bloomberg campaign come clean. The duo from the bogus “Moves Like Bloomberg” video are as surprised as anyone that serious political types thought it was real.  [Vulture]


» Frieze Returns to the Paramount Backlot with Installations that Speak to the Political Moment Curators are emphasizing a ”focus of artists from Latinx/Chicanx backgrounds” and pieces that explicitly engage with politics and identity

» Adam Driver Flees Fresh Air Interview at the Sound of His Own Voice The actor really didn’t want to hear himself sing

» Harvey Weinstein Worries that Repeatedly Being Accused of Rape Has Really Tarnished His Legacy In his first interview in a year, the disgraced producer actually complained that he doesn’t get enough credit for helping women in the industry



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