Daily Brief: Critics Challenge Karen Bass On Homelessness; P-22 Has Been Euthanized

Also, California’s Reparations Task Force, first in the U.S., says 500K is owed to some Black Californians, and is still considering more charges


» Nation’s Largest Water Supplier Declares Drought Emergency The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provides water to 26 different agencies that supply major population centers like Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Earlier this year, the district declared a drought emergency for the agencies that mostly depend on the State Water Project, which covers about 7 million people. On Tuesday, the board voted to extend that declaration to cover all Southern California water agencies, calling on agencies to immediately reduce how much water they import. By April, the board will decide whether to make those cuts mandatory if the drought continues, clearing the way for potential mandatory water restrictions early next year that could impact 19 million people. [AP]

» LAPD Investigating Disappearance of Megan Thee Stallion’s Former Bodyguard Los Angeles police are investigating the disappearance of rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard, who has reportedly gone missing ahead of his scheduled appearance in court in the trial of Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Megan’s attorney Alex Spiro issued a statement to ABC News saying he and his team have recently learned Justin Edison went missing. Edison was slated to testify in Lanez’s trial, who’s accused of shooting Megan in the feet after leaving a party at Kylie Jenner’s house in 2020. [ABC]

» L.A. Shelters Turn Away Animals, Residents Complain Los Angeles’ city animal shelters have been under fire for months, with volunteers and rescue groups complaining that animals are being neglected and department officials admitting that they don’t have enough staff to run the six shelters. At a hearing Tuesday of the Board of Animal Services Commissioners, panel members asked the department to report back on city policy for taking in animals. The department saw a double-digit rise in the number of cats and dogs housed in Animal Services shelters through October compared with the same period last year. [L.A. Times]

» 3 Southern California Cities Seeing The Most Growth In The Nation As housing and living costs remain unaffordable for many living in Los Angeles, new data shows plenty of residents are migrating to more affordable locales. A new SmartAsset study shows the migration trend to more affordable cities has created a series of “boomtowns” across America. Three Southern California cities in particular saw the largest growth in population, income and available housing over a five-year period from 2016-2021—Menifee, Chino and Victorville. [KTLA]





The 5 Coolest Karaoke Bars in L.A.

If you’re looking to douse your night in a bubble-gum pink lens of a classic rom-com, the perfect place to begin is probably one of the great, dimly-lit but always fun karaoke bars of Los Angeles. Picture it: You’re out with the team for a surefire office holiday party good time and find your song comes up as you’re standing next to that friend (or colleague) who you think of as a bit more…couldn’t sharing a mic to belt out “Islands in the Stream” very well be just what you need to seal the deal of a love connection?

We at LAMag think this is a distinct possibility for you, which is why we took a look at five of L.A.’s best karaoke bars or nights. So have a read through the list, begin those vocal exercises, and start to pick out your song. Stumped on what to sing? Just go with “Bette Davis Eyes;” you’ll slay.


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