Daily Brief: COVID-19 Is More Dangerous for Young People Than Previously Thought

Also LAUSD’s meal service, Tesla’s manufacturing shutdown, and more

» An Alameda County Sheriff demanded Tesla’s factory stop making cars during shelter-in-place. The factory will be allowed to maintain “minimum basic operations” with a skeleton staff.  [Buzzfeed]

» Crossword puzzles are primarily written by older, white men. Words and phrases widely used by women, young people, and people of color are being blocked from appearing in the puzzles by old-school editors. Now there’s a fight afoot for inclusivity. [The Atlantic]

» Somewhere out there is a “Butthole Cut” of the movie Cats. The internet demands to see it. [Cinemablend


» New CDC analysis shows COVID-19 is more dangerous for young people than previously thought. As many as four percent of patients between 20 and 44 are requiring hospitalization.  [The Hill]

» Local hospitals are preparing for a huge surge in coronavirus cases. Estimates suggest the outbreak could require anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 hospital beds. [Los Angeles Times]

» LAUSD prepped and distributed 400,000 meals to food-insecure families on Wednesday. The school district is planning to provide “grab and go” meals daily from 60 pickup sites. [Los Angeles Times]


» West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico Has Tested Positive for COVID-19 All city staff have been directed to work off-site

» L.A. Will Allow the Homeless to Keep Tents Up During the Day Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak At a marathon meeting yesterday, City Council scrambled to find ways to mitigate the outbreak’s impact on the city’s most vulnerable residents

» KROQ Has Fired Its Entire Morning Team “I assume it’s the ratings, which were down. The economy because it’s down,” Kevin Ryder said on Twitter



gay bars closed west hollywood

The Strange Reality of a WeHo without a Queer Nightlife Scene

For those who work in L.A.’s queer nightlife scene, the coronavirus closings have already been financially ruinous. “On Wednesday, I spent the first part of the day laying in bed watching my email notifications go off, like ‘canceled, canceled, canceled,’” says Joe Faragher, known in the local drag world as Pickle. “My entire schedule for the next three months just evaporated.”

In addition to booking drag acts at the Western-themed bar Flaming Saddles, Faragher also read stories to kids as part of Drag Queen Story Hour, coordinated by the Los Angeles Public Library system, which recently announced closures of its own through March 31. “Of course it’s scary when thousands of dollars disappear,” he says. “I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.”


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