Daily Brief: CA Lawmakers Kill 4 a.m. Last Call; Jury Awards Vanessa Bryant $31 Million

Also, ’Home Alone’ Actor Devin Ratray, best known as Buzz McCallister, is under investigation in NYC after he was accused of raping his friend in 2017


» Newsom Donates $100K To DeSantis’s Opponent
On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom pledged a $100,000 campaign donation to Rep. Charlie Crist, who will be taking on incumbent Florida Governor Ron Desantis in November’s general election after securing the Democratic nomination earlier this week. “Time to make Ron DeSantis a one-term governor,” Newsom tweeted. [The Hill

» Video Shows Resident With Machete Confronts Anaheim Street Takeover Crowd Street takeovers are becoming an unfortunate staple of L.A.’s late-night life, but some residents have had enough of the engine revs and tire burns. Shortly after midnight Thursday, a man in Anaheim emerged from his home— shirtless, barefoot, and holding a machete— and approached the large crowd that had gathered to watch donuts and burnouts at the intersection of Haster Street and Orangewood Ave. [KTLA]

» Desert Flooding Damages Los Angeles To Phoenix Highway One eastbound lane on Interstate 10 reopened Thursday after a flash flood completely wiped out a section of the road in the Southern California desert near the Arizona border. The flash flood was caused by the severe monsoonal rain showers that have been punishing the region this week. [AP

» California’s $330M Annual Film & TV Tax Credits Bill Placed On Hold  The new California bill, which will provide tax relief for certain film and TV productions in the state, was set to take effect this year. But after a Thursday legislative session, the bill was rendered inactive; new provisions were added that require productions to increase their diversity in order to receive the tax reliefs. The bill will be reconsidered in 2023. [Deadline

» Another Measure of California’s Rising Costs The current round of salary negotiations for the San Jose Police Department provides another metric for California’s exorbitant cost of living: The average annual pay on the police force is about $189,000, not including benefits. For a junior officer, the average salary is about $165,000. “It’s pretty good pay,” says Mayor Sam Liccardo. Then again, the Bay Area’s one-story starter home is going to run homebuyers a cool million. [NY Times]

» Will Pursuit To Own A MLB Team Lead Joe Lacob To The Angels? Joe Lacob, the current owner of the Golden State Warriors, has long been interested in adding a contingent of America’s pass-time to his portfolio. The billionaire’s $180 million offer to buy the A’s back in 2005 was blocked by the MLB commissioner. Now, Lacob has set his sights on the Los Angeles Angels, a team valued in the ballpark of $2.2 billion. [Mercury]



» Jury Awards Combined $31 Million to Plaintiffs in Suit Over Kobe Crash Photos The verdict coincides with ”Mamba Day” and what would have been Bryant’s 44th birthday
» Having Killed and Buried ‘Batgirl,’ Warner Bros. Hosts ‘Funeral Screenings’  Some insiders are getting what may be a last-ever look at “Batgirl” as Warner Bros. considers destroying all copies



First Look: Caldo Verde’s Sunday Suppers

For years, Angelinos flocked to Lucques, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne’s original restaurant in a charming carriage house on Melrose. It was a tough reservation to get, especially for the famous Sunday Suppers, featuring a different prix-fixe menu weekly; Lucques’ Sunday night meal became a consistent weekly outing for countless families and friends. When it closed permanently during the pandemic, a gastronomic hole was left in its place.

Now, the beloved Sunday Suppers have re-appeared in Goin and Styne’s new Portuguese restaurant, Caldo Verde, on the ground floor of the Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel. The vibrant lobby is a joyous introduction to the Portuguese, Californian-inflected restaurant, named for a traditional regional soup. Designed by Kelly Wearstler with rustic wooden tables and chairs, handmade tiles, and rugs, Caldo Verde recalls restaurants on the Mediterranean.


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