Daily Brief: Best Moments From Rams Parade, LAUSD Keeps Outdoor Mask Mandate

Also, Britney Spears shares letter from Congress inviting her to speak about the experience with her conservatorship

» Best Moments from the LA Rams Super Bowl Championship Parade KTLA breaks down the most exciting moments from the parade and rally, which drew thousands of fans on Wednesday in Los Angeles. [ABC7]

» Britney Spears Shares Letter From Congress Inviting Her to Speak About Conservatorship “Because of the letter, I felt heard and like I mattered for the first time in my life,” Spears wrote in an Instagram post featuring the invitation on Wednesday. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» New Agreement Requires Booster Shots for Hollywood Crews SAG-AFTRA, which represents more than 160,000 actors and other performers, told members Wednesday that the industry’s back-to-work agreement requires vaccinated cast and crew to show they’ve received COVID booster shots, among other changes. [Los Angeles Times]

» Billboard Music Awards Set for Live Broadcast in May in Las Vegas The awards show is set to broadcast live on NBC from MGM Grand Area in Las Vegas on May 15. [Yahoo]

» LAUSD to Keep Outdoor Mask Mandate for the Rest of the Week Students in the Los Angeles Unified Schools District will still be required to wear face coverings this week, but changes could come as early as next week, said new Supt. Alberto Carvalho. [Los Angeles Times]



(Photo by Samuel Oh, owner of Ham Hung)

Cold Noodles Are Cold Weather Food

It’s 51 degrees in Koreatown, and it feels cold. This is, of course, where east coasters love to take shots at Angelenos. “This isn’t cold,” they proudly declare while wearing a pair of shorts with a jacket. And they’re right, we do get a little dramatic when the temperature falls. As soon as it dips below 60, people here start unironically dressing like Santa Claus. Winter fashion in LA is as utilitarian as a shovel made out of diamonds. At this very moment, there’s not a functional beanie being worn in the entire city. Still, it’s the only time of year we can embrace comfort foods typically enjoyed in much more frigid temperatures. 63 and sunny? That’s chili weather here in SoCal, baby. Lasagna, ramen, boat noodles, and pasta just hit better when the temperature drops. But a dish you likely don’t have in your rotation is bibim naengmyeon, a classic spicy cold noodle dish with origins in eastern North Korea.


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