Daily Brief: An Influencer Gold Rush, L.A.’s First Street Vending Permit, and More

Plus a safety guidelines from Times Up and some non-alcoholic refreshments

» The human-rights organization Times Up has released a set of safety guidelines to help entertainment workers better protect themselves on the job. The free guide details how to deal with and report sexual harassment on set [Los Angeles Times]

» Grassroots organizers have been working to decriminalize the act of selling food and goods outdoors for years. On January 2nd, Los Angeles finally issued its first ever street vending permit. [L.A. Taco]

» Young stars from TikTok and other social media platforms are spurring a real estate gold rush in L.A., as influencers move into extravagant communal “collab houses.”  [New York Times]

» As devastating wildfires continue to rage in Australia, 20 firefighters from across L.A. are headed down under to help put put the flames. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Los Angeles is home to the largest Iranian population outside of Iran. In Westwood’s Persian Square, Thursday’s killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani sparked strong emotions. [LAist]


» The Complete List of Golden Globes Winners It was a big night for 1917

» Court-Martialed Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Is Being Embraced as a Right-Wing Influencer Tried in San Diego for war crimes, the former soldier is trying his hand at brand partnerships and a clothing line

» Tommy Chong Has a Plan to Save the World The cannabis and comedy legend talks about his surprising consumption habits, prison sunsets, and a creative way to deal with all that ocean plastic


Having a Dry January? Try Sipping These Nonalcoholic Spirits

“It’s what beer drinkers drink when they’re not drinking beer” was a catchy slogan for O’Douls in the early ’90s. But what do cocktail drinkers drink when not drinking cocktails? These days they’ve got more and more options.

Nonalcoholic spirits are bubbling up around town, satisfying a growing demand for alcohol alternatives. According to the World Health Organization, the number of booze drinkers has fallen by 5 percent since 2000. Wellness-obsessed millennials and Gen Zers are shying away from the sauce, tagging social media posts with #DryJanuary and #SoberCurious. “People are thirsty for nonalcoholic products,” says deBary. “It’s the next frontier.”


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