Daily Brief: 9 Most Compelling Races in L.A. Elections; 16-Year-Olds Demand the Right to Vote 

Also, businesses in the Inland Empire’s Lake Perris getaway destination say Newsom’s natural catastrophe plan is a disaster


» They Used To Call California Ocean Desalination A Disaster For decades, environmentalists have decried ocean desalination, while cost-savvy water managers have thumbed their noses at desal’s lofty price tag. But as the American Southwest barrels into a new era of extreme heat and drought conservationists are giving new consideration to the process of converting saltwater into drinkable water. Experts are experimenting with new concepts such as mobile desalination units and floating buoys, and at least four major plants will soon be operational along California’s coastline. Of course, desalination is not without downsides. In addition to high energy costs, the process can harm marine life, which can get trapped in pump systems that draw ocean water. [LA Times]

» California AG Rob Bonta Wants ‘Disinformation’ Crackdown On Big Tech Attorney General Rob Bonta is urging Big Tech platforms to censor election-related content ahead of the Tuesday midterms, saying uncontrolled speech on social media has fueled violent incidents like the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. “In advance of the upcoming November 2022 midterm election, social media platforms must take critical steps to stop the spread of disinformation and misinformation that attack the integrity of our electoral process,” Bonta wrote Thursday in a 16-page letter to the heads of Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter. [FOX]

» California Man Blames Meteorite After House Goes Up In Flames Rancher Dustin Procita has claimed that his home was destroyed by a meteorite on Friday after several witnesses reportedly saw a ball of light descending from the sky just northeast of Sacramento. “I heard a big bang. I started to smell smoke and I went onto my porch and it was completely engulfed in flames,” said Procita, whose home was destroyed. Procita said he saw what looked like “a flaming basketball.” According to NASA, the southern Taurids meteor shower is peaking this week. The cosmic display, which occurs each year from September to November, is created when Earth passes through a broad stream or “swarm” of pebble-sized fragments from the Comet Encke that then burn up in the atmosphere. [Guardian]

» Straight Out of East LA, This Al Pastor Trompo Tricycle Is the Next Essential Street Feast The duo behind street food sensation Evil Cooks, Elvia Huerta and Alex Garcia, debuted Los Angeles’s first-ever trompo tricycle last Friday at Sara’s Market in East Los Angeles. Dubbed El Perro Negro, the trompo triciclo attracted first-timers and locals alike with its unmistakable scent of grilled meats and spicy smoke. Sara’s Market was a fitting location for El Perro Negro’s introduction, as the family-owned store has been serving the community for decades and regularly plays host to notable pop-ups and food trucks, including Evil Cooks—which now appears at Smorgasburg on Sundays. [LAEater]





7 L.A. Restaurants Offering Mouthwatering To-Go Thanksgiving Dinners

Perhaps it’s a result of the pandemic pushing us to reach for the phone over the cookware, or maybe it’s all of the great new (and established) restaurants across L.A. Either way, ordering a pre-made meal for Thanksgiving has become all the rage. For some, dealing with travel plans, high-maintenance in-laws, or simply making time to see our loved ones is all we can handle during the holidays. Not having to deal with the preparation, dry-turkey stress, or a major clean-up can serve up the same warm feeling as a homecooked meal.

To help with the hunt, LAMag has rounded up the best Thanksgiving take-out meal offerings from esteemed restaurants around L.A.


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