Cynics Be Warned: The L.A. Love Mob is On The Loose

Luckily, it’s got nothing to do with Mickey Cohen.

There’s a new mob in Los Angeles, and luckily it’s got nothing to do with Mickey Cohen. The L.A. Love Mob plans “acts of love dedicated to uniting people of all backgrounds, and promoting love as a lifestyle.”

 Remember the 12/12/12 fund-raising concert held for Hurricane Sandy victims? The group, launched by Angeleno Preston Smiles, works in the same philanthropic vein, if on a microscopic scale. Last month they devoted a traditional flashmob at Hollywood and Highland to victims of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. After that first outing, the band of do-gooders set its sights higher and landed a sponsorship deal with LAMP Community, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in L.A. Together the L.A. Love Mob and LAMP are planning a 500-person parade of goodwill that will bring much-needed clothing donations and attention to Skid Row.

 Mobbing over the weekend might not be a conventional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but helping those in need always feels good. Or, as Smiles put it: “It’s all about radical inclusion.”