Coyote Hunt on After Toddler Mauled at Fountain Valley Park

California Department of Fish and Wildlife agents are on the lookout for the coyote that set upon a girl at a local park

Orange County authorities are on the hunt for a very bad coyote after he or she mauled a 2-year-old girl in Fountain Valley.

The attack happened around 8:30 p.m. in Mile Square Park earlier this week, though it was not immediately reported. Information about the girl’s injuries were not made available, NBC Los Angeles reports.

The Fountain Beach/Huntington Beach area has a healthy population of coyotes. They seem to have overpopulated in Huntington Beach. “You see these coyotes everywhere, at all times of the day,” a resident told the Los Angeles Times. Another reported that her backyard had turned into a “freeway of coyotes.”

In 2020, Spectrum News wrote about Los Angeles’s expanded “urban coyote problem.” Coyotes are also known, problematically, hunt peoples’ pets when they can.

In April, a coyote mauled a young girl near the Huntington Beach Pier, leaving her with non-life threatening injuries. In the ensuing coyote hunt, two animals were euthanized, but only one of them matched the DNA of the offending canine.

Following that attack, a town hall meeting was held by the Huntington Beach City Council to educate the public on what to do if they crossed paths with a coyote, the Times reported.

“If someone does encounter a coyote,” Lt. Kevin Frager of OC Animal Care said, they should “haze” it, meaning yelling and shouting at the coyote while moving it out of areas humans inhabit. The point is to reinforce coyotes’ natural cautiousness with humans.

“You’re not done hazing that coyote until you can’t see them anymore,” he said.

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