’s “Offensive” Breastfeeding Billboard To Be Removed

The dating website hits a nerve with their newest advertisement.

Another day, another risqué L.A. billboard bites the dust. has found itself in a bit of a sticky wicket with the city of West Hollywood. Just after Mother’s Day, the dating website, which aims to set older women up with younger men, plastered a billboard along Sunset Boulevard showing a topless mother breastfeeding her baby. The only text that appears on the billboard is a cartoonish thought bubble stemming from the child’s head that reads, “Jealous?” What’s more, the woman’s breast is pixelated, which seems like a fairly obvious ploy to paint the act of breastfeeding with a sexual brush:


The website—which already boasts upwards of 4 million members—claims that sign-ups have tripled since the ad went up on Monday. Nevertheless, West Hollywood residents aren’t thrilled with the thing itself or its placement (near the West Hollywood Famers Market, which attracts patrons of all ages).

In a statement to Huffington Post, Cougar Life spokeswoman Marlo Jordan responded to the public’s outcry. “There is no reason for this billboard to be taken down,” she said. “The Farmers Market is actually the perfect place to showcase this ad. There is nothing more natural than a woman breastfeeding.” And then: “We don’t think there’s anything shameful about either breastfeeding or relationships between older women and younger men.”

Unsurprisingly, the billboard will be removed tomorrow.

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