Coronavirus Update: Undocumented Californians Can Now Apply for Pandemic Relief

Also an inflammatory condition strikes kids, a Reseda man nabbed for vacationing, and more

» Undocumented immigrants in California can now apply for state pandemic relief. The $125 million fund, paid for by the state and private donations, is intended to help more than 2 million California residents who are otherwise unable to qualify for assistance. California is the first state to offer a program of its kind. [O.C. Register]

» Gavin Newsom has again eased pandemic restrictions, allowing 53 California counties the option to take additional steps towards reopening, if they feel ready. Populous, urban counties like Los Angeles are not expected to reopen as quickly as smaller communities. [Los Angeles Times]

» Thanks to relaxed restrictions regarding the sale of alcohol to go, beloved City Terrace corner store Sara’s Market is launching a liquor store on wheels. “Think of the pop-up model for food, but for a liquor store,” co-owner Sara Valdes tells L.A. Taco. [L.A. Taco]

» Four children in L.A. County have developed MIS-C, the rare inflammatory condition now linked to COVID-19. MIS-C can manifest weeks after a child has been infected with COVID-19, even if their COVID-19 case was asymptomatic. [Fox Los Angeles]

» With big tech companies going permanent-WFH, Silicon Valley workers are looking for real estate in more affordable areas. Los Angeles, Sacramento, and other regions could see an influx of new residents.  [Bloomberg]

» Lynn Shelton, the Hollywood director and partner of Marc Maron, died on Friday. Just 48 hours later, Maron released a heartbreaking episode of his podcast, discussing the loss. [Daily Beast]

» A Reseda man has been arrested in Hawaii for taking a vacation and violating quarantine. He was caught after repeatedly posting photos of himself on social media visiting tourist hotspots around Honolulu.  [CBS Los Angeles]


» Saturday’s DTLA Explosion Is the Subject of a ‘Significant’ Arson Investigation A dozen LAFD firefighters were injured, but all are expected to survive

» National Parks Are Suddenly Flooded with Wildlife. What Happens When Humans Return? Bears, deer, and other animals are out in numbers not seen in generations

» Katie Hill Says the Republican Win in Her Former District Is ‘Pretty Fucking Devastating’ The former CA-25 rep speaks out on Twitter after several days of silence


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