Coronavirus Update: Stay-at-Home Orders Aren’t Keeping People Away from the Poppies

Also rich people are buying diamonds, Orange County considers closing beaches, and more

» The director of the CDC is warning that the second wave of COVID-19 might be even more deadly than the first. He is bracing for next winter to put “unimaginable strain” on the U.S. health care system. [Washington Post]

» People are breaking stay-at-home orders to snap photos with the poppies. Even with the official reserve shut down and streets blocked off, truly dedicated selfie-takers are still hopping fences and trampling blooms. [SF Gate]

» Orange County may close more beaches, fearing crowds seeking to escape this weekend’s hot forecast. “We have all seen the video from the beaches in Florida that recently reopened and there is no reason to expect a different outcome here with the first warm weather coming,” said the mayor of Laguna Beach. [Los Angeles Times]

» L.A. wants to discourage employers in hospitality and other sectors from eventually replacing the workers laid off due to pandemic with cheaper labor. The “right of recall” policy would obligate some large employers to offer ex-employees first dibs on any openings, based on their seniority before the layoffs. [Los Angeles Times]

» All essential workers can receive priority COVID-19 testing starting today, even if asymptomatic. Keeping grocery store workers, health care staff, and city employees safe is key to the citywide response. [KTLA]

» Bored rich people are spending their quarantine buying giant diamonds. Very cool late capitalism, dudes. [The Cut]


» L.A. Will Begin Listing Restaurants Linked to COVID-19 Outbreaks The move to publicly name restaurants comes after a handful of high-profile cases

» How to Get Through the Coming Hot Weather During Quarantine L.A. is expecting ”very warm conditions” this week. What can you do when all the normal ways to cool off are closed?

» In a Coronavirus World, The Love Boat Is Still Afloat A campy confection that gleefully ignores the realities cruise-ship life is just what Doc ordered right now


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