Coronavirus Update: L.A.’s Stay-at-Home Order Won’t Be Lifted on May 15, but Garcetti Hopes a Rollback Can Begin

Also air traffic plummets at LAX, the pandemic kills small local newspapers, and more

» L.A.’s stay-at-home order will not lift entirely on May 15, but Eric Garcetti thinks that day could be when the rollback of restrictions begins. The mayor says he would like to see two consecutive weeks of declining COVID deaths and hospitalizations before relaxing things. [Los Angeles Daily News]

» After Friday’s flareups, much smaller protests continued in Orange County over the weekend. An estimated 2,500 protesters gathered in Huntington Beach on Friday to demonstrate against Governor Gavin Newsom’s shutdown of O.C. beaches, around 50 were spotted on Saturday. [KTLA]

» Commercial air traffic at L.A. airports is down 95 percent compared to the same time last year. The body that controls LAX and Van Nuys Airport reports dropping from an average of 1,900 flights per day to now just 400.  [Fox Los Angeles]

» A homeless man and housing activists staged an “occupation” of a hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton at L.A. Live to advocate for the expansion of Project Roomkey. The man, a former model who has been homeless for nearly a year, gained entry to the hotel by claiming to be a famous musician looking for a space to conduct a streaming concert.  [Daily Beast]

» Pandemic has local newspapers in California and elsewhere particularly hard. Small publishers across the state have shuttered in recent weeks, and it is not clear who will cover those communities and cities with them gone. [Los Angeles Times]

» New evidence shows that COVID-19 carriers can be infectious for longer than previously assumed. L.A. County Public Health has issued new guidelines, saying anyone with a positive test should now self-isolate for longer, even when not showing symptoms. [KTLA]


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