Coronavirus Update: Gavin Newsom Will Reportedly Close All California Beaches

Also, Elon Musk’s tantrum, an iconic L.A. mall sells to developers, and more

» Governor Gavin Newsom is set to order the closure of all California beaches and state parks, according to a memo obtained by ABC 7. The decision was reportedly triggered by images of people packing beaches in Orange County last weekend. [ABC 7]

» Elon Musk described stay-at-home orders “fascist” and “forcibly imprisoning people” during what’s being called an “expletive-laced rant.” The billionaire got a little loose on a Tesla earnings call. [CNBC]

» For the second time in two weeks, a judge has upheld L.A.’s designation of gun stores as ‘non-essential.’ The judge found, yet again, that closing stores is a legitimate use of government authority in a pandemic. [Patch]

» The Lakers have submitted a request to the city for special permission to reopen their practice facility on May 8. Two players from the team tested positive for COVID-19 in March. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, one of the largest shopping malls in L.A., will be sold to a developer who intends to overhaul the plaza into a mixed-use business project with offices and retail. Much of the property had been approved for use as apartments, but the developer says he is not interested in offering any housing. [Los Angeles Times]

» A third of Angelenos currently looking for new apartments are looking at locations outside the city, per one study. The data suggests L.A. could see a post-pandemic outflux to Phoenix, Las Vegas, and even Riverside. [ABC Los Angeles]

» L.A. County projects it will lose $2 billion in tax revenue this year due to coronavirus. On Wednesday, the county supervisors approved a new budget which is nearly $600 million smaller than the previous year’s. [Los Angeles Times]


» Bon Temps, One of the Best New Restaurants of 2019, Is Closing Chef Lincoln Carson’s Arts District stunner couldn’t withstand the ’financial devastation’ of the COVID-19 shutdown

» Devin Nunes Is Offering a ‘Deep State Russia Hoax’ Puzzle to Raise Loot The Central Valley congressman has this whole fundraising thing down pat

» Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Remdesivir Drug Trials Show ‘Quite Good News’ The public health advisor says the drug appears to offer a ’clear-cut positive effect’ for COVID-19 patients


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