Coronavirus Update: California Appears to Be Starting to Flatten the Curve

Also a McDonald’s protest, tabloid troubles, and more

» The curve may to be starting to flatten in California. For that early trend to continue, everyone must continue to follow orders to stay at home and observe protocols. [CBS Sacramento]

» California is loaning 500 ventilators back to the national stockpile. The machines will go to New York and other areas struggling to treat a crisis level of critical cases.  [Politico]

» Mayor Garcetti reportedly may consider ordering Angelenos to keep to their own neighborhoods. People are being observed traveling long distances, ostensibly to shop or exercise. [KTLA]

» Workers at one L.A. McDonald’s staged a “drive-through protest,” saying the company is not providing them with adequate protection from illness. One worker at the location has tested positive for COVID-19. [NBC Los Angeles]

» Fox News execs are reportedly steeling for a series of lawsuits over its coronavirus coverage. The first consumer-protection complaint has been filed, alleging an effort to “willfully and maliciously disseminate false information” about the danger of the virus. [Vanity Fair]

» Old-fashioned celebrity tabloids could be yet another victim of COVID-19. With stars sheltering indoors, print tabloids don’t have much content. [The Daily Beast]


» Celebrity Attorney Lisa Bloom Takes on the First ‘Coronavirus Discrimination’ Lawsuit “Employers can’t just cast people off and break the law,” Bloom says

» As Many Stay Home, L.A.’s Air Quality Is Better Than It’s Been in Decades Even when city life resumes post-pandemic, one expert hopes telecommuting is here to stay

» L.A. Zoo Takes Precautions After a Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive for COVID-19 Social distancing isn’t just for people


vegan chocolate chip cookies

From Love Is Served

Café Gratitude Calls This Vegan Cookie Its All-Time Winner

If this period of self-quarantine taught us anything—besides the importance of washing your dang hands—it’s that you can’t have enough good cookie recipes.This one, from Café Gratitude’s brand new cookbook, Love Is Served—out April 7—has walnuts, a dash of cinnamon, a bit of maple syrup, and no pesky animal byproducts. Café Gratitude has closed all its locations during the pandemic, but in the meantime you can make dishes like I Am Open Hearted, I Am Ecstatic, and, this one, I Am Affectionate, at home.


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