Coronavirus Update: Guidelines for Resuming TV and Film Production Are in the Works

Also troubling reports from CDC sources, Westsiders track a pair of peacocks, and more

» Guidelines for California’s film and TV productions should be released on May 25. Gavin Newsom made the announcement in a live stream, accompanied by Ava DuVernay, Ted Sarandos, and others. [Hollywood Reporter]

» Insan Healing, a Koreatown nutritional supplement store, has been ordered by a judge to stop advertising radish paste as a cure capable of warding off the coronavirus. According to the city attorney’s office, the $100 jar of paste was being marketed as a “must-have product for the protection and prevention of the COVID-19.” [Los Angeles Times]

» Hair salons, gyms, and other businesses in some California counties as soon as the first week of June. Details of a proposed pilot program in San Diego County include allowing salons to operate at 25 percent capacity and by appointment only. [Los Angeles Times]

» CDC sources claim the White House has been “muzzling” scientists since the earliest days of the pandemic. Insiders describe an agency hamstrung by upper management more concerned with politics than coordinating a response. [CNN]

» The state program to provide emergency aide to undocumented Californians has hit some early snags. Among the issues are an overwhelming volume of inquiries and a shortfall in private matching funds. [Los Angeles Times]

» Los Angeles Surge Hospital, a publicly funded facility to accommodate COVID-19 patients, will close in June. The hospital was brought online to prepare for the worst pandemic predictions which anticipated needing 50,000 hospital beds.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Westsiders are tracking the movements of a pair of peacocks wandering the area. Neighbors are logging sightings of the birds on an interactive map, and have created a romantic backstory for the pair. Find your quarantine fun where you can, fam.  [NBC Los Angeles]


» The L.A. City Council Has Voted to Cap the Fees Delivery Apps Charge to Local Restaurants Many restaurants say they’ve depended on apps during the pandemic, but the fees cut into their already-slim margins

» L.A. County Announces a Target Date to Open Restaurants, Shops, and Malls Supervisor Kathryn Barger says a ’safe reopening’ could happen as soon July 4

» Millions of Americans Are Unemployed. What Are Their Prospects for Getting Back to Work? As economies begin to open up, experts are assessing the potential pitfalls for people looking to reenter the job market


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