Coronavirus Update: Pet Adoptions Are Up in L.A. During the Pandemic

Also L.A.’s new ”surge hospital,” Lionsgate’s digital releases, and more

» Animal adoptions are up in L.A. during the pandemic. Hundreds of local animals found new homes in March, and shelter populations are now at less than a quarter of their usual numbers. [ABC Los Angeles]

» A temporary “surge hospital” has opened in Los Angeles. The facility, previously the St. Vincent Medical Center, was purchased by Los Angeles Times owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. [KTLA]

» On Tuesday, 40 new COVID-19 deaths were reported in L.A. County. That marks the highest single-day death toll so far. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Posh fashion boutique House of Bijan will donate 10,000 branded face shields to health care professionalsThe Rodeo Drive shop is famous for the ostentatious yellow cars typically parked outside. [Time Out]

» Lionsgate is the latest film studio to jump into digital releases. The company will be streaming popular films for free on YouTube. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Two Amazon employees who publicly called for better warehouse conditions have been fired. The former workers were also known for raising alarms about the company’s environmental impact. [dot.LA]


»Lisa Ling Takes the Public Inside One Pharma Company’s Hunt for a COVID-19 Vaccine The CNN journo talks about her new live web series and her lockdown life in L.A.

» Hollywood Execs Are Scrambling to Get Antibody Tests, but Is a Positive Result Really an ‘Immunity Passport’? As more L.A. clinics offer serology tests, local doctors warn against too much enthusiasm

» L.A. Times Staffers Faced with Furloughs and Pay Cuts The COVID-19 pandemic has put strain on the city’s beloved daily


sourdough bread recipe ancient egypt

Wikimedia Commons

Making Sourdough? A Local ‘Bread Nerd’ Baked Up a Loaf for the Ages

Dried yeast has become something of a hot commodity in recent weeks, as stir-crazy amateur bakers have chosen to while away their days in quarantine with the time-consuming task of making homemade bread. But for Pasadena-based physicist and baker Seamus Blackley, who is best known as the creator of the Xbox, a yeast shortage won’t be a problem—he prefers to source his leavening from the inside of 4,500-year-old pottery.

Blackley recently tweeted that he had achieved a year-long goal of making bread using leavening cultures sampled from ancient Egyptian baking vessels, with an ancient Egyptian recipe, using only ancient Egyptian tools and ingredients. We caught up with the self-professed “bread nerd” to learn more about how he brought that ancient leavening back to life, and to see if he has advice for fledgling bakers who have developed their own passion for bread making while waiting out the spread of COVID-19.


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