Coronavirus Update: Can the Virus Live on Air Pollution Particles?

Also a California salon reopens, a team makes progress on a vaccine, and more

» Coronavirus has been detected on particles of air pollution and some research indicates that polluted air may allow the virus to travel farther. The findings appear consistent with patterns of higher rates of infections in areas with worse pollution. [The Guardian]

» A California salon defied the COVID-19 shutdown and reopened for business on Monday because the owner believes her constitutional rights are being violated. Coincidentally, the salon is in Corona, California. [Press-Enterprise

» Gavin Newsom expressed frustration over weekend beach crowds in Newport Beach and elsewhere. “This virus doesn’t take the weekends off,” he said at a Monday press conference. [CNN]

» The L.A. City Council may move to cap fees charged to restaurants by third-party delivery apps for the duration of the pandemic. While many small businesses are dependent on delivery to survive, apps like Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEats are charging up to 30 percent per order.  [Los Angeles Times]

» CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and other chains are committing to rapidly expanding coronavirus testing capabilities. The group of retailers claims to be focused particularly on making more testing available in underserved, at-risk neighborhoods. [CNBC]

» One research group appears to be making progress towards a COVID-19 vaccine. The Oxford University team had already been testing inoculations for a previous coronavirus when this pandemic broke out. [New York Times]

» Prince Harry has launched his first big philanthropic project since stepping back from royal duties. The new L.A. resident is helming a website providing mental health services to military personnel. [Los Angeles Times]


» Self-Employed Workers Can Start Applying for Pandemic Relief Funds Many workers have been without income for nearly two months already, and some questions linger about who will qualify for the funds

» As Insurance Claims Are Denied, Classic L.A. Restaurants Are Struggling to Weather the Pandemic Beloved local haunts report they won’t see a dime from their insurers, but Musso & Frank Grill is fighting back

» L.A. Could Begin Reopening in 2 to 6 Weeks, Garcetti Says The mayor expects to start taking “baby steps” back to normal life


The Sixth Season of Bosch Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time

The sixth season of Bosch couldn’t have come at a better time. The handful of days that it took me to watch ten episodes were an escape into an L.A. that was both intimately familiar and, at least at this moment, quite distant. It’s an L.A. where downtown is bustling, where you can still go inside Boardner’s or Musso & Frank. How I would love to be eavesdropping on old cops shooting the shit inside a century-old restaurant right now. Watching it on TV is the next best thing, I suppose.


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