Convicted FBI Agent Wants New Trial, Citing “Lawyer” Testimony and Naysaying Bribes

A new filing is arguing the government didn’t prove that cash and gifts handed to Babak Broumand by the trial’s star witness, Armenian mob-connected fake attorney Edward Sargysan, were a bribe

Former FBI agent Babak Broumand, who was convicted in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this month on four counts of bribery and money laundering by a federal jury, is arguing for a new trial, saying the 11th-hour confession from the government’s star witness that he paid a colleague to take the California Bar Exam means the verdict was rooted in the word of a “self-admitted serial liar.” 

Attorney Steven Gruel, the former federal prosecutor who filed the motion for a new trial, is also arguing that the government didn’t prove that its cash and gifts handed to Broumand by the aforementioned star witness, Armenian mob-connected fake attorney Edward Sargysan, were quid-pro-quo exchanges for access to the FBI’s top-secret security clearance intel; this is the legal standard to prove that Broumand took a bribe. The government disagrees, saying Broumand’s searches of an FBI database, coupled with Sargysan’s own testimony, prove that the money and gifts were, in fact, bribery. 

Additionally, Gruel is arguing that the jury’s decision regarding Broumand’s family keeping a share of a $2 million Lake Tahoe vacation home is evidence that his client should not have been found guilty of bribery. The waterfront estate, the government argued in the forfeiture trial that followed his criminal conviction, was bought using Sargysan’s bribe money. But a jury ruled against the government and let Broumand’s family keep his interest in the waterfront house. Furthermore, Gruel argues, an $36,000 Ducati motorcycle gifted to the then-FBI agent by the phony attorney Sargysan, who spent three days on the stand in the two-week trial, should have been viewed as “more of a gratuity than a bribe.” 

The motorcycle, the U.S. Attorney’s Office successfully argued, was purchased on April 29, 2015—several days after Broumand used his top-secret security access to probe whether the bad boy brother of the Qatar emir “was a terrorist.” Broumand illegally searched FBI databases and reported back that Qatari Royal Sheikh Khalid al-Thani did not have ties to terrorism, which pleased Sargysan enough that he drove to a Beverly Hills Ducati dealership and picked up the new bike for his FBI pal. 

Broumand is currently remanded at the Los Angeles MDC, the federal lockup across the street from the Little Tokyo court where he was found guilty and immediately taken into custody.. Another convicted corrupt law enforcement officer, former Homeland Security Investigations Agent Felix Cisneros, who Sargysan helped put away, is also being held in that facility. Both former federal agents are awaiting sentencing. A third cop on Sargysan’s payroll, Glendale Detective John Balian, was released from federal prison in Nov. 2019 after pleading guilty to lying about his relationship with the Mexican and Armenian Mafias. 

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