Conservative Protestors Demand Disney Boycott at Burbank HQ

The LGBTQ community feels that Disney isn’t doing enough to oppose Florida’s ”Don’t Say Gay” bill but conservatives think the Mouse House is folding to liberal extremism

Last month, Disney employees staged weeklong walkouts to express their displeasure with the way the corporation was responding to (or not responding to) Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. On Wednesday, hundreds of people rallied at the Mouse House’s corporate headquarters in Burbank to protest the entertainment giant because they say it too readily bows to the demands of the LGBTQ community.

Led by Christian activist group Hold the Line, the protestors brought in a mobile stage and speakers on a truck, which they parked in front of the main studio gate for two hours, Fox11 reports.

They also held signs reading, “Defund Disney,” “Disney, Stop Sexualizing Our Kids,” and “Disney is Demonic,” while chanting, “Boycott Disney!”

Although Disney initially disappointed its legions of LGBTQ fans by failing to address the Florida bill, the company eventually said in a statement that it “should never have passed and should never have been signed into law” and promised to establish a task force to ensure that Disney is “a force for good” for the LGBTQ community.

At Wednesday’s protest, attendee Marcos Zelada Rosas told Fox, “I just want to protect children. I don’t think that Disney promoting these task forces that are trying to include the LGBTQ agenda on them at such a young age is a good idea.”

Another protestor, who said she is a cast member at Anaheim’s Disneyland, took to the stage to tell the crowd, “I’ve worked for Disney for quite a long time and it has gotten very political and it’s gotten very hard to be who you are and it’s gotten very hard to be someone who has conservative values,” Daily Mail reports.

In Florida, meanwhile, some Republicans are toying with the idea of poking Walt Disney World in Orlando by repealing a 55-year law that allows the company to govern itself.

Florida House Rep. Spencer Roach tweeted on Wednesday that lawmakers held two meetings this week to discuss revoking the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which he said “allows Disney to act as its own government,” according to the Mail. “If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County,” he wrote—meaning Orange County, Florida.

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