A Trump Supporter Crashed a Jewish “Close the Camps” Rally in Downtown L.A.

A peaceful protest outside the Metropolitan Detention Center drew an unwanted guest

Members of the Los Angeles Jewish community and other immigrant rights advocates want the Trump administration to shut down the immigrant detention centers along the southern U.S. border, where detainees and politicians alike have reported a variety inhumane conditions.

On Sunday, protesters congregated outside of DTLA’s Metropolitan Detention Center during the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av, normally a time of mourning and fasting, for a “Close the Camps” protest, one of dozens staged in cities across the country.

One of the groups that participated in the organized event, T’ruah, released a statement describing the purpose of the protest saying, “Tisha B’Av is a day of mourning for the plight of our refugee ancestors… On this Jewish day of mourning, we cannot ignore the cries of those whose tragedy is right before us, the many immigrants and asylum seekers who are being treated inhumanely by the Trump administration.”

At the mostly peaceful rally, participants held signs with slogans like “All immigrants are welcome here” and “Reform Jews welcome immigrants,” while others chanted Jewish hymns.


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This morning I went to the metropolitan Detention Center to protest the treatment of refugees and undocumented immigrants by ICE and the CBP and families separated at the border. This was in downtown Los Angeles. LA is a sanctuary city in the fact that the police are not compliant, but ICE raids happen every day, and these immigrants are being held in a god damn prison. A literal prison. The thought “that doesn’t happen here” is a sad delusion that I myself had to face this morning. It is our responsibility right now to feel and to speak out against this horror. People are dying. And they’re right next door. Using our voices is our biggest weapon right now. There were a few trump supporters protesting us, but we drowned them out. Let’s continue to do that and more. This is a crisis. Do not stand idly by

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According to The Washington Post, protests against the migrant raids and detention camps took place in New York, Washington D.C., and “60 other locations,” which they say signifies “the latest manifestations of a growing wave of activists among Jews opposed to the Trump administration’s immigration policies.”

The rally was interrupted by a man decked out in Trump paraphernalia carrying a megaphone and shouting “shame on all of you” at the protesters.

In July, demonstrators staged a similar protest at the DTLA detention center after a congressional delegation visited several facilities and reported that the detainees’ living conditions were unsanitary.

The protest comes on the heels of one of the biggest ICE raids in an decade, which took place in Mississippi last week. Immigration officials raided seven chicken processing plants and arrested 680 workers, most of them Latino.

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