CityTicker: Ten L.A.-Specific Halloween Candies We Wish Existed


Halloween is a mere 27 days away, and we’ve got snack-sized sweets on the brain. Inspired partly by the season’s classic confections and partly by Wheel Of Fortune’s “Before & After” category, we’ve come up with ten goodies that would be freakishly perfect for a night of trick-or-treating in L.A.

1. Lean Like A Rolo 

2. Swedish Fishing For Compliments  

3. Lemonheadshots

4. Freddie Prinze Junior Mints

5. Twerks Bar

6. Tobleronly One Photo, Please

7. Mr. Goodbarre Method

8. Hemp Milk Duds

9. Manic Pixie Dream Girl Stix

10. KitKatty Housewives