CityTicker: New L.A. Text Acronyms

For the Angeleno who needs an abbreviation for statements like, “Hang on, juicing kale”

OMG, get a load of this: In our June issue, we hypothesized what conversations (textversations?) might look like if the people of Los Angeles had their own unique texting vernacular. Here are ten abbreviations for the moments only an Angeleno would experience—SPW (Spread The Word) and get texting.  

BYOB: Bring Yo’ Own Balsamic

SBAP: Stuck Behind a Prius

YBID: Your Boob Is Deflating

WB: We Brunching?

ESTB: Egg Slut Truck Bumpin’

MSISO: Make Sure It’s Single-Origin

ICIF: I Can’t, I’m Freegan

CD: Cupcake Drunk

WHJS: We-Ho Jesus Sighting

CFABR: Can’t Find a Bike Rack