CitySpeak: Governor’s Gifts

Defining this week’s media buzz-word or phrase.

Governor’s Gifts
n. A collection of items bestowed upon a governor, free of charge, and later disclosed to the public by state officials.

Also: Sometimes an indication of the receiving governor’s tastes, interests, and social ambition.

The Daily News this week reported that California governor Jerry Brown received (read: accepted) significantly fewer Governor’s Gifts last year than Arnold Schwarzenegger reported in a typical year while in office. Compared to Schwarzenegger’s pile of loot—which included a Giorgio Armani bathrobe (gifted by the designer himself), a crystal encrusted eagle head (from the Prez of France), high-end cigars from Tony Robbins, and more—Brown has collected a wee number of gifts, although we’d never turn our noses up at candy or whiskey. At least we know he’s not spending too much valuable time writing Thank You notes.

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