The City Council Would Rather You Not Build That McMansion You’ve Been Designing

Home buyers and developers with outsized dreams and funding may be held to new “mansionization” restrictions soon<em>ish</em>

Homeowners in some of the city’s most popular real estate markets have been railing recently against “mansionization”—new construction that complies with local zoning requirements but is out-of-scale with nearby homes—and now the city council is following suit. City officials voted unanimously today to tamp down the number of homes being demolished and replaced by extra large ones in 14 L.A. neighborhoods—Miracle Mile, Valley Village, North Beverly Grove, Sunset Square, Larchmont Village, Carthay Square, Holmby-Westwood, Oxford Square, the El Sereno-Berkshire Craftsman District, South Hollywood, La Brea Hancock, Faircrest Heights, The Oaks, and Old Granada Hills. According to the Los Angeles Times, new rules could restrict the size of new homes or even prohibit demolitions altogether, and will likely vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. And the neighborhoods not targeted now? The planning department says it needs about 18 months to cross all the “T”s and dot all the “I”s (cross check environmental regulations, hold hearings) before any changes can be made citywide.