Did a Chuck Norris Look-Alike Dupe the Capitol Mob?

Selfies-snappers who thought they were posing with Chuck Norris were fooled

Several social media images went viral over the last few days, apparently showing Chuck Norris at the Capitol, posing for selfies with rioters. But was the actor actually there?

Apparently people at the scene were willing to believe Norris was among their number. After all, the tough-guy actor and martial artist best-known for his titular role on Walker, Texas Ranger is famously right-leaning (though they may have forgotten that, in 2015, he campaigned eagerly for Mike Huckabee for president, and only appeared to come around on Trump later on).

But, in reality, the “Chuck Norris” in the Capitol photos is an imposter.

“This is not Chuck Norris and is a wannabe look-alike–although Chuck is much more handsome,” a representative for the actor confirms. “Chuck remains on his range in Texas where he has been with his family.”

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